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Projects Funded for Research Year 2007

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Grantee: FAMSI #: Grant: Project Title:
Amador, F.07070$10,000.00Atlas Arqueológico de la Región de Oriente de El Salvador (Español)
Andrews, A.07034$8,540.00Proyectos Costa Maya and Ciudad Caucel: Archaeological Survey of Northwestern Yucatán: Ceramic and Lithic Analysis
Baez Urincho, F.07026$7,341.00Building Four: a Palace in Tula Grande, the Lodging of the Toltec King
Cannariato, K.07064$10,000.00Exploring the Role of Climate Change in the Political Demise of Uxbenká
Casserino, C.07009$4,911.00Analysis of Skeletal Remains from Paquimé: Implications for Warfare
Cook, G.07075$6,230.00Ritual Symbols in the K'iche' Tutelary Deity Complex
Crider, D.07044$10,000.00Investigating Social/Political Relations through Chemical Compositional Analysis
Daneels, A.07021$10,000.00Monumental Earthen Architecture at La Joya, Veracruz, México
Doering, T. / Collins, L.07007$25,000.00The Kaminaljuyú Sculpture Project: An Expandable Three-Dimensional Database
Ensor, B.07019$5,230.00Preliminary Archaeological Investigations at El Bellote, Tabasco, México
Estrada-Belli, F.07028$10,142.00Investigaciones Arqueológicas en la Región de Holmul, Peten: Holmul, Cival, La Sufricaya y K’o (Español)
Faulseit, R.07056$9,557.00Cerro Danush: An Exploration of the Late Classic Transition in the Tlacolula Valley, Oaxaca
Gazzola, J.07093$2,290.00The Project for the Investigation and Conservation of the Feathered Serpent Temple, Teotihuacan, México
Geller, P.07046$4,990.00Encounters with the Past: Archaeological Research By and For Students in El Paraíso, Department of Copán, Honduras
Gillespie, S.07054$5,000.00The Architectural History of La Venta Complex A: A Reconstruction Based on the 1955 Field Records
Golden, C.07043$9,900.00Palisades and Ditches: Defense and the Development of the Yaxchilán Polity
Hamann, B.07002$9,198.00Mixtec-Language Atlas of the Mixteca
Heredia Espinoza, V.07012$5,000.00The Agave Landscape and its Archaeological Context in the Tequila Volcano Area
Hoobler, E.07067$2,000.00Primary Source Materials on Oaxacan Zapotec Urns from Monte Albán
Jiménez García, E.07027$9,351.00Sculptural-Iconographic Catalogue of Tula, Hidalgo: The Stone Figures
Johnston, K.07060$1,388.25The Earliest Maya: Antecedents to Complex Society at Chaak Ak'al, Guatemala
Kaufman, T.07020**Completion of Lexical Documentation of Southern Lacandón, México
Mathews, P.07094$10,000.00Complete Maya Dates Project
Morgan, M.07017$4,020.00A Subsurface Testing Program at Chiquiuitan, Guatemala
Moyes, H.07068$8,375.00The Canoe in the Cave: A Foundational Shrine at Uxbenká?
Nelson, Z.07055$6,850.00Satellite Survey of El Zotz, Guatemala
Rich, M.07087$9,990.00Analysis of Samples and Artifacts from the Mirador Group, El Perú-Waka'
Robertson, I. / Gorenflo, L.07040$7,025.00A Seminar: Assessing Current Understanding and Charting Future Research in Basin of México Archaeology
Robinson , E.07029$5,920.00Pacaño, a Ritual Site in the Guatemalan Highlands
Sanders, W.07022$1,400.00Publication: Archaeological Settlement Pattern Data from the Cuautitlan, Temascalapa, and Teotihuacan Regions, Mexico
Stoner, W.07049$9,932.00Tepango Valley Archaeological Survey: Tuxtla Mountains, Southern Veracruz, México
Wells, E.07015$3,000.00Determining the Chronological Significance of an Ulúa-style Marble Vase from Northwest Honduras
Wrobel, G.07090$9,450.00Temporal Changes in the Mortuary Ritual Use of the Caves Branch Rockshelter, Belize
Zborover, D.07088$3,430.00The Chontalpa Historical Archaeology Project-Archaeometric
Zeitlin, J.07085$9,750.00Contesting the Sacred Landscape in Colonial Mesoamerica
Total Grantees: 35

Total Amount: $255,210.25

**Due to special circumstances, project monies were returned to FAMSI.

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