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Projects Funded for Research Year 2004

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Grantee: FAMSI #: Grant: Project Title:
Amith, J.03049$9,800.00Nahuatl Cultural Encyclopedia: Botany and Zoology, Balsas River, Guerrero, México
Bauer, J.03052$10,000.00Investigations of Preclassic Architecture at Cival, Petén, Guatemala
Botto, M.03099$5,000.00Spanish Version of K'ichee' Choltaiij, Guatemala & México
Bullock, M.03066$9,400.00The Effects of Urbanism on Health and Demography of Late Postclassic Residents of Cholula, México
Cabrera Cortés, M.03090$9,600.00Craft Production and Socio-Economic Marginality: Living on the Periphery of Teotihuacán, México
Cook, D.03042$7,500.00Records of Ancient Human-Environment Interaction from Mayan Southern Petén, Guatemala
Cyphers, A.03102$3,000.00Emergency Funding for the Protection of Monument 112 from San Lorenzo, Veracruz
Danien, E.03029$5,000.00Paintings of Maya Pottery: The Art and Career of M. Louise Baker
de Hazard, O.03101$10,000.00Symposium of Archaeological Investigations in Guatemala, 2004
Docter, C.03075$10,000.00Casa K'inich, A Teacher's Guidebook
Elson, C.03019$5,600.00Aztec Elites and the Post Classic Economy: Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis (INAA) of Museum Collections from Chiconautla, México
Emery, K.03028$8,430.00Animals and Ritual in the Copan Acropolis: Zooarchaeology of Special Deposits, Honduras
Estrada-Belli, F.03103C$3,500.00Archaeological Research in the Holmul Region, Petén, Guatemala
Hirth, K.03062$7,000.00Obsidian Craft Production at Cacaxtla-Xochitécatl, Tlaxcala
Hull, K.03031$9,800.00A Dictionary of Ch'orti' Maya, Guatemala
Inurreta, A.03053$7,900.00Isla Piedras: A Northern Campeche Coast Seaport as Part of a Regional Polity
Lentz, D.03048$8,636.00Ancient Maya Plant Use Activities and Agroforestry at Tikal, Guatemala
López Mestas Camberos, L.03083$2,465.00Green Stones in Central Jalisco
Lunagómez Reyes, R.03084$9,550.00Archaeological Investigations at Medias Aguas, Veracruz, México
Macario Cálgua, M.03057$4,900.00The Inhabitants of Q'umarkaaj, Late Postclassic K'iche'-Mayan Capital: Guatemalan Highlands
Malchic Nicolás, M.03081$1,000.00Travel to Austin Texas, 2004 Maya Meetings
Marcus, J.03006$5,950.00The Radiocarbon Dating of Public Buildings and Ritual Features in the Ancient Valley of Oaxaca
Monaghan, J.03104C$13,725.00A Codex Imaging Project at the Bodleian Library: The Recovery of Lost Mixtec Writing
Moscoso, F.03080**Elaboración de Cédulas para los Monumentos Líticos del Museo Nacional de Arqueología y Etnología de Guatemala
Mountjoy, J.03009$9,680.00Excavation of two Middle Formative Cemeteries in the Mascota Valley of Jalisco, México
Ordoñez, M.03069$3,158.00Analysis of Textiles and Basketry from the Royal Tombs of Copán, Honduras
Pérez Galindo, M.03074$5,010.00Dieseldorff Collection: Ceramic Corpus of the Terminal Classic Originating from Molds
Pérez Rodríguez, V.03025$9,775.00Specialized Craft Production and Social Complexity in Formative Mixteca Alta, México
Rissolo, D.03043$4,905.00La Costa Escondida: An Archaeological Investigation of the Ancient Maya Port of Vista Alegre, Quintana Roo, México
San Román Martín, M.03097$4,640.00Palenque's ceramics: searching for a methodology for their study and classification
Schávelzon, D.03003$5,000.00Publication: La Imagen de América: Los Dibujos de Arqueología Americana de Francisco Mújica Diez de Bonilla
Schmidt, P.03015$6,600.00Surface Archaeology in the Chilapa-Zitlala Area of Guerrero, México, Seasons 2 and 3
Sullivan, K.03021$7,000.00Making and Manipulating Ritual in the City of the Gods: Figurine Production and Use at Teotihuacan, México
Takahashi, C.03063$3,500.00Geographic Information Systems and Early Social Complexity at Santa Cruz/Catarina Tayata, Oaxaca, México
Taube, K.03023$10,000.00Jadeite Sources and Ancient Workshops: Archaeological Reconnaissance in the Upper Río El Tambor, Guatemala
Urban, P.03030$9,720.00Rural Production in Northwest Honduras: The 2004 Season of the Lower Cacaulapa Valley Archaeological Project
Urcid, J.03068$9,882.00Sacred Landscapes and Social Memory: The Ñuiñe Inscriptions in the Ndaxagua Natural Tunnel, Tepelmeme, Oaxaca
Valdés, J.03033$10,000.00Chocolá Archaeological Project, Guatemala
Venter, M.03045$9,100.00Totógal: Investigations of Postclassic Occupation and the Aztec Frontier in the Tuxtla Mountains, Veracruz, México
Walker, D.03064$3,960.00Sampling Cerros' Demise: A Radiometric Check on the Elusive Protoclassic, Belize
Wendt, C.03059$9,975.00Bitumen Sourcing in the Olmec Region, México
Wyatt, A.03091$8,500.00Excavations on Agricultural Terraces: Results of the 2004 Field Season at Chan, Belize
Total Grantees: 42

Total Amount: $298,161.00

**Due to special circumstances, project monies were returned to FAMSI.

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