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Projects Funded for Research Year 1996

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Grantee: FAMSI #: Grant: Project Title:
Ajpacajá Tum, F.95094$6,500.00K'ichee' Choltziij Dictionary
Austin, P.95110$5,000.00Belize Ritual Caves Project
Ball, J.95083$6,900.00The Late Classic Palace Polychromes of Cahal Pech, Belize
Blosser, B.95114$5,000.00Alternative Constructions of Religious Expertise in a Huichol Community, Jalisco, México
Fedick, S.95087$6,400.00Ancient Manipulation of Wetlands in the Northern Maya Lowlands: Report on Archaeological Investigations of 1996-97
Hansen, R.95113$9,900.00The Architectural Development of an Early Maya Structure at Nakbé, Petén, Guatemala
Houston, S.96005$30,000.00The Piedras Negras Project, 1997 Season
Joyce, R.95070$6,500.00Early Formative Occupation of the Lower Ulúa River Valley, Honduras
Krochock, R.95099$4,600.00Recording the Political History of Chichén Itzá: Photography of the Denison Rubbings and Archival Research at the Peabody Museum
Kruger, R.95101$9,500.00San Carlos Rural Olmec Household Project
Masson, M.96002$4,500.00Surviving Postclassic Maya Collapse–Belize
Palka, J.95065$6,800.00La Nueva Conquista: Cross-cultural Interaction and Lacandón Maya Culture Change in the 19th-century Guatemalan Lowlands
Paredes Maury, S.95096$1,000.00Surviving in the Rainforest: The Realities of Looting in the Rural Villages of El Petén, Guatemala
Pugh, T.95080$9,700.00An Archaeological Investigation of Mayapán-Style Ceremonial Groups in the Central Petén
Saunders, N.96007$1,750.00'Smoke and Mirrors' Tezcatlipoca, The Nature of an Aztec Deity
Tescun, N.95095$1,900.00Tikal Museum Project, Guatemala
Villela, K.96001$10,000.00Bernal Bibliography - CD Project
White, C.95084$7,200.00Teotihuacán at Kaminaljuyú? The Evidence from Oxygen Isotopes in Human Bone
Total Grantees: 18

Total Amount: $133,150.00

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