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Projects Funded for Research Year 1999

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Grantee: FAMSI #: Grant: Project Title:
Ajpacajá Tum, F.98062$7,500.00Preparation of a K'ichee' Choltziij Dictionary
Barnhart, E.98063$16,800.00The Palenque Mapping Project
Bove, F.98001$13,630.00Archaeology of the Guatemala Pacific Coast
Browder, J.98044$8,000.00A Multispectral Imaging of the Tepantitla Murals at Teotihuacán
Estrada-Belli, F.98010$9,575.00Archaeological Investigations at Holmul, Guatemala. Report of the First Field Season
Guderjan, T.98029$6,000.00Sampling Botanical Remains at Blue Creek, Belize
Hirth, K.98054$9,990.00The Conference on Ancient Mesoamerican Obsidian Blade Production
Houston, S.98055$20,000.00Among the River Kings: Archaeological Research at Piedras Negras, Guatemala
Kristan-Graham, C.98022$1,820.00The Architecture of Statecraft at Ancient Tula
Lorenzen, K.98047$6,060.00Late Postclassic Shrine Complexes at El Naranjal, Quintana Roo, México
Manahan, K.98038$5,830.00After the Fall: Examining the nature of the Classic Maya collapse of Copán, Honduras (Updated 2000)
Masson, M.98021$6,260.00PostClassic Political Cycles in Chetumal, México
Mathews, J.98027$3,894.00The Long Winding Road: Regional Maya Sacbe, Yucatán Peninsula, México
McClung de Tapia, E.98024$10,000.00Prehispanic Life in a Man-made Island Habitat in Chignahuapan Marsh, Santa Cruz Atizapan, State of México, México
Mock, S.98036$10,500.00The Northern Belize Coastal Project
Montgomery, J.99105$5,000.00John Montgomery Drawings Collection
Montoya, J.98060$4,100.00Terracotta Figurines from the Pyramid of the Moon at Teotihuacán, México
Morales, A.98050$9,250.00Stucco Relief from Structure XIX, Palenque
Neff, H.98061$11,500.00Production and Distribution of Plumbate Pottery
Pinkston, C.98040$2,635.00Tracing Louis H. Ayme’s Explorations in Oaxaca, México, 1884-1885
Prufer, K.99003$1,375.00Analysis and Conservation of a Wooden Figurine Recovered from Xmuqlebal Xheton Cave in Southern Belize, C.A.
Redmond, E.98019$7,550.00Excavations at El Palenque, San Martín Tilcajete
Saunders, N.98056$5,220.00Obsidian Mirrors and Tezcatlipoca in Conquest and Post-Conquest México
Sharer, R.98005$34,750.00Early Copán Acrópolis Program 1999 Field Season
Shelby, T.98037$4,495.00The Polychrome Stucco Façade of Structure N10-28, Lamanai, Belize
Shoemaker, D.98032$6,800.00El Mapa de Teozacoalco
Stuart, G.99104$1,386.00Archaeological Palynology of Teuchitlán
Tabarev, A.98002$1,500.00Course of Lectures, Ancient Mesoamerica, Russia
Turkon, P.98066$1,300.00Macrobotanical Study: Zacatecas, México
Weeks, J.98008**Maya Copper Metallurgy, Guatemala
Weeks, J.98065$10,000.00Bibliografía Mesoamericana
Whittington, S.99002$2,500.00Analysis of Kaqchikel Skeletons: Iximché, Guatemala
Williams-Beck, L.98058$3,500.00Rethinking Maya Political Geography
Total Grantees: 33

Total Amount: $248,720.00

**Due to special circumstances, project monies were returned to FAMSI.

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