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Projects Funded for Research Year 2001

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Grantee: FAMSI #: Grant: Project Title:
Ahlfeldt, J.00081$9,000.00The Temple 22 Façade Reconstruction Project, Copán, Honduras
Amith, J.00060$4,700.00Cultural and Pedagogical Lexicography of Modern Náhuatl
Anaya Hernández, A.00082$8,500.00The Pomoná Kingdom and its Hinterland
Andrews, J.00073$6,830.00Codex Aubin Translation Project, México
Arnold III, P.00046$9,500.00Isla Agaltepec: Postclassic Occupation in the Tuxtla Mountains, Veracruz, México
Barnes, W.00027$5,000.00Icons of Empire: Royal Presentation and the Conception of Rule in Aztec México
Bassie, K.00017$9,000.00Jolja' Cave Project, México
Borgstede, G.00040$10,000.00Settlement Patterns and Variation in the Western Highlands, Guatemala
Braswell, G.00029$10,000.00Pusilhá Archaeological Project
Christensen, A.00066$2,500.00Ethnicity, Caste, and Rulership in Mixquiahuala, México
Cobos, R.00013$7,500.00Classic Maya Seaports: Uaymil, North Campeche Coast
Demarest, A.00085$5,000.00Publication: The Terminal Classic in the Maya Lowlands: Collapse, Transition, and Transformation
Fash, B.00042$8,700.00Copán Archive and Database Project
Forand, N.00088**Animals, People, & Dangerous Things, México
Garber, J.00090$10,000.00The Early/Middle Formative Kanocha Phase (1200-850 B.C.) at Blackman Eddy, Belize
Glew, C.00056$6,214.00Monte Negro Archaeological Project, México
Hinojosa, S.00036$1,113.00Vocational Directives among Maya Bonesetters in Two Guatemalan Communities
Hull, K.00048$8,600.00A Comparative Analysis of Ch'orti' Verbal Art and the Poetic Discourse Structures of Maya Hieroglyphic Writing
Krochock, R.00049**Maya Monuments: Yo'okop, Quintana Roo, México
Kroefges, P.00045$7,500.00Archaeological Survey in the Coastal Chontalpa de Oaxaca, México
Machado, J.00035$3,840.00Veracruz Mural Traditions: Las Higueras, México
Masson, M.00003$14,000.00Economic Foundations of Mayapán Project
Morehart, C.00097$3,100.00Plants of the Underworld: Ritual Plant Use in Ancient Maya Cave Ceremonies
Muñoz, A.00079$7,500.00Ceramics at Piedras Negras, Guatemala
Pendergast, D.01006$3,710.00Salvage Excavation of the Alamilla/Gomez Property, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize
Ringle, W.00019$8,000.00The 2001 Field Season of the Labná-Kiuic Archaeological Project
Rodríguez Cano, L.00024$6,300.00Toponymic Analysis of Three Lienzos from the Mixtec Lowlands, Oaxaca
Sandstrom, A.01001$4,500.00Nahua Blood Sacrifice and Pilgrimage to the Sacred Mountain Postectli
Santiago Lastra, G.00006$852.00The South Plaza of Dzibilchaltún, Yucatán
Scheffler, T.00071$9,880.00El Gigante Rock Shelter: Archaic Mesoamerica and Transitions to Settled Life
Shaw, L.00100$3,994.00The Maax Na Archaeology Project
Smith, J.00051$6,377.00Kulubá Archaeological Project 2001 Field Season
Solar Valverde, L.00074$3,400.00Epi-Classic Cultural Dynamics in the Mezquital Valley
Šprajc, I.00016$8,500.00Archaeological Reconnaissance in Southeastern Campeche, México: 2001 Field Season Report
Stanton, T.00039$4,000.00Proyecto Santa Bárbara, Yucatán, México
van Akkeren, R.00010$5,500.00How Our Mother Beloved Maiden was Saved from an Untimely Death: A christianized version of the Xkik’ tale of the Popol Wuj
Vega, A.00103$9,000.00Early and Middle Formative: San Lorenzo, Veracruz, México
Wanyerka, P.00077$7,440.00The Southern Belize Epigraphic Project: The Hieroglyphic Inscriptions of Southern Belize
Total Grantees: 38

Total Amount: $239,550.00

**Due to special circumstances, project monies were returned to FAMSI.

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