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Projects Funded for Research Year 1997

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Grantee: FAMSI #: Grant: Project Title:
Bolles, D.96072$4,000.00Combined Dictionary-Concordance of the Yucatecan Mayan Language (Updated 2003)
Bonor, J.96044$5,615.00Caves Branch: Archaeological Field Study Reports
Brady, J.96061$4,400.00Ultraviolet and Infrared Filming of the Naj Tunich Inscriptions
Brown, M.96052$10,000.00Investigations of Middle Preclassic Public Architecture at the site of Blackman Eddy, Belize
Calvin, I.96042$5,000.00Rollout Photography Polychrome Pottery from El Salvador
Chase, A.96014$9,012.00Southeast Sector Settlement, A Stucco Statue, and Substantial Survey: The Caracol 1997 Season
Chinchilla Mazariegos, O.96008$10,000.00A Corpus of Cotzumalhuapa-Style Sculpture, Guatemala (Updated 2003)
Cobos, R.96025$7,987.00The Settlement Patterns of Chichén Itzá, Yucatán (Updated 2003)
Cowgill, G.96036$9,620.00Ritual Sacrifice and the Feathered Serpent Pyramid at Teotihuacán, México
Demarest, A.96034$9,330.00Cancuén Archaeological Project
Diehl, R.96000**The Archaeology of México's South Gulf Coast: Future Directions
Houk, B.97004$1,995.00Chan Chich Archaeological Project
Houston, S.96005$30,000.00The Piedras Negras Project, 1997 Season
Inomata, T.96022$9,978.00Aguateca Archaeological Project: A Study of Classic Maya Household Organization and Domestic Activities
Ligorred Perramon, J.96018$7,000.00T’Hó: The Ancestral Mérida
Mastache, A.96019$8,168.00Ancient Tollan: Tula and the Toltec Heartland
Methner, B.96047$1,500.00Neutron Activation Analysis on Olmec Pottery: A View From La Venta
Nelson, B.96075$10,000.00Burial Excavations in Plaza 1 of Los Pilarillos, Zacatecas, México
Sharer, R.96071$9,750.00Report of the 1996 Field Season of the Early Copán Acrópolis Program
Stomper, J.96030$4,852.00Mayflower Archaeology Project (MAP)
Stone, A.96011$8,528.00A Study of the Carved Boulders of Lake Güija, El Salvador and A Survey of Rock Art in Highland Guatemala
Stuart, G.97001$10,000.00Publication: Research Reports on Ancient Maya Writing
Tavárez, D.96039$3,479.00Social Reproduction of Late Postclassic Ritual Practices in Early Colonial Central México
Valdés, J.96046$7,800.00Congreso Internacional de Mayistas, Guatemala
Villela, K.96077$5,000.00Bernal Bibliography Project, Mesoamerica
Total Grantees: 25

Total Amount: $193,014.00

**Due to special circumstances, project monies were returned to FAMSI.

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