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Projects Funded for Research Year 2005

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Grantee: FAMSI #: Grant: Project Title:
Ardren, T.05064$10,000.00Regional Investigations at the Cupul Province Trading Center of Xuenkal: Proyecto Arqueológico Xuenkal
Barrientos Quezada, T.05082$10,000.00Hydraulic Systems in Central Cancuén: Ritual, Reservoir, and/or Drainage?
Brown, L.05012$6,275.00Planting the Bones: An Ethnoarchaeological Exploration of Hunting Shrines and Deposits around Lake Atitlán, Guatemala
Carballo, D.05018$9,000.00Proto-Urban Social Transformations and Community Organization at La Laguna, Tlaxcala During the Late Pre-Classic
Castellanos Cabrera, J.05039$9,950.00Buenavista-Nuevo San José, Petén, Guatemala, Another village from the Middle Preclassic (800-400 B.C.)
Cerón Rojas, F.05052$1,375.00The Foundation, Settlement, and Political Dynamics in La Montaña de Guerrero, Mexico (14th-16th Century)
Chávez Balderas, X.05054$8,725.00Human Sacrifice and Mortuary Treatments in the Great Temple of Tenochtitlán
Cheetham, D.05021$8,935.00Cantón Corralito: Objects from a Possible Gulf Olmec Colony
Córdova Tello, G.05049$6,320.00Suchil River Valley Archaeological Project, Zacatecas and Durango, 2005 Season
Davila, R.05058$9,800.00Inventing the Ancient Maya: Travelers, Explorers, and Scholars in the 19th Century
Ek, J.05061$9,266.00The Champotón Regional Settlement Survey: Results from the 2005 Field Season, México
Ensor, B.05024$7,925.00Late Classic-Epi-Classic Ceramic Chronology at Islas de Los Cerros, Tabasco, México
Fialko, V.05005$10,000.00Archaeological Research and Rescue Project at Naranjo: Emerging Documentation in Naranjo's, Palacio de la Realeza, Petén, Guatemala
Fitzsimmons, J.05047$9,000.00Kings of Jaguar Hill: Monuments and Caches at Zapote Bobal
Foley, J.05059$9,964.00Correlating Archaeological and Epigraphic Evidence at La Sufricaya, Holmul, Petén
French, K.05076$4,253.00Palenque Hydro-Archaeology Project
Halperin, C.05045$3,820.00Investigating Classic Maya Ritual Economies: Figurines from Motul de San José, Guatemala
Haskell, D.05036$9,626.00Investigating the Expansion and Consolidation of the Tarascan State: Fieldwork at Erongarícuaro, Michoacán, México
Hill, J.05080$3,000.00Publication: Piedra Negras Archaeology, 1931-1939
Knight, C.05066$8,347.00Palo Errado Patterned Wetland Mapping Project, Veracruz, Mexico
Levine, M.05031$5,872.00The Tututepec Archaeological Project (TAP): Residential Excavations at Yucu Dzaa, a Late Postclassic Mixtec Capital on the Coast of Oaxaca, México
Love, M.05051$9,775.00The Context and Associations of Monument 3 from La Blanca, Guatemala
McKillop, H.05032$9,400.00GIS of the Maya Canoe Paddle Site, K'ak' Naab'
Milbrath, S.05025$5,151.00Mayapán's Effigy Censers: Iconography, Context, and External Connections
Pérez de Lara, J.05084$6,310.00Photographic Documentation of Monuments with Epi-Olmec Script/Imagery
Pérez Pérez, J.05028$4,355.00Terrace Agriculture in Cerro San Lucas, Teotihuacan Valley
Prufer, K.05070$9,944.00Report of the Uxbenká Archaeological Project (UAP) - 2005 Field Season
Rochette, E.05069$10,000.00Investigating Jade Prestige Goods Production, Middle Motagua Valley, Guatemala
Scherer, A.05027$9,120.00Archaeological Reconnaissance at Tixan: Explorations in the Southern Sierra del Lacandón National Park, Petén, Guatemala
Sellen, A.05016$3,840.00Re-evaluation of the Early Archaeological Collections from Oaxaca: A Trip to the Seler Archives in Berlin
Serafin, S.05033$3,700.00Bioarchaeological Investigation of the Ancient Population Structure of Mayapán
Smith-Oka, V.05063$4,000.00Traditional Medicine Among the Nahua: Contemporary and Ancient Medicinal Plants
Tabarev, A.05040$3,200.00Olmec Culture: Textbook for Russian Universities
Téllez Lozano, V.05083$6,204.00The Reorganization of the Huichol Ceremonial Precinct (Tukipa) of Guadalupe Ocotán, Nayarit, México
Vargas Gonzalez, A.05085$8,300.00Asentamientos Prehispánicos en la Tierra Caliente Michoacán, México
Wright, L.05068$7,875.00Ethnicity and Isotopes at Mayapán
Zborover, D.05038$6,550.00The Chontalpa Historical Archaeology Project, Oaxaca
Total Grantees: 37

Total Amount: $269,177.00

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