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Projects Funded for Research Year 2002

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Grantee: FAMSI #: Grant: Project Title:
Ahlfeldt, J.01040$6,000.00Structure 10L-22 Sculpture Reconstruction Project, Copán, Honduras
Anaya Hernández, A.01080$10,725.00The Redención del Campesino Valley Archaeological Survey
Andrews, B.01029$3,000.00Stone Tools and the Elite Political Economy at Epiclassic (A.D. 650-900) Xochicalco
Aponte , S.02002$5,000.00Tikal Digital Access Project
Arroyo, B.01091$8,205.00Early Formative Interaction on the Pacific Coast of Guatemala
Beaubien, H.01010$4,753.00Textile-Clay Laminates: A special-use material in ancient Mesoamerica
Benitez, A.01066$3,722.00Late Classic and Epiclassic Obsidian at Santa Cruz Atizapan, Toluca Valley, México
Buikstra, J.01020$4,636.52Radiography at Copán
Croissier, M.01068$11,000.00Excavations at Structure TL5 (N1W6) in the Oaxaca Barrio, Teotihuacán
Davis-Salazar, K.01076$4,400.00A Study of Early Classic Maya Ritual at Copán, Honduras
Estrada-Belli, F.01009$2,500.00Archaeological Investigations at Holmul, Petén, Guatemala
Fahsen, F.01098$5,970.00Rescuing the Origins of Dos Pilas Dynasty: A Salvage of Hieroglyphic Stairway #2, Structure L5-49
Gabany-Guerrero, T.01088$9,030.00Cliff Paintings of Parangaricutiro, Michoacán, México
Heredia Espinoza, V.01007$4,900.00The Nature of Governance in Secondary Centers of the Classic Period, Mixteca Alta, México
Hosler, D.01058$9,950.00Excavations at the Copper Smelting Site of El Manchon, Guerrero, México
Inomata, T.01022$8,500.00Documentation of Floor Assemblages from Aguateca, Guatemala
Josserand , J.01085$7,500.00Story Cycles in Chol (Mayan) Mythology: Contextualizing Classic Iconography
Just, B.01050$5,000.00Ninth-Century Stelae of Machaquilá and Seibal
Kaufman, T. / Justeson, J.01051$12,000.00A Preliminary Mayan Etymological Dictionary
Kowalski, J.01061**Uxmal Archaeology Project: Yucatán, México
Lacadena García-Gallo, A.01057$4,175.00The Glyphic Corpus from Ek’ Balam, Yucatán, México
MacKay , C.01062$9,750.00Documentation of Pisaflores Tepehua
McNeil, C.01087$6,000.00Paleobotanical Research at Copán, Honduras
Nelson, Z.01044$5,000.00The Growth of Piedras Negras: Guatemala
Pérez Negrete, M.01082$1,175.00The Temple of the New Fire at the Huixachtécatl (Hill of the Star)
Pérez Rodríguez, V.01027$10,000.00Household Intensification in the Mixtec Cacicazgo: Excavation of a House and Terraced Fields
Pohl, M.01047$10,000.00Olmec Civilization at San Andrés, Tabasco, México
Polyukhovych, Y.02001$300.00Travel Support: Maya Hieroglyphic Forum, Ukraine to U.S.A.
Rosenswig, R.01052$10,047.00Soconusco Formative Project: Chiapas, México
Saturno, W.01038$10,000.00Archaeological Investigation and Conservation at San Bartolo, Guatemala
Smith, M.01024$7,797.00Postclassic Urbanism at Calixtlahuaca: Reconstructing the Unpublished Excavations of José García Payón
Šprajc, I.01014$9,947.00Archaeological Reconnaissance: S.E. Campeche, México
Wahl, D.01071$9,877.00Environmental Change and Prehistoric Agriculture in the El Mirador Basin
Whalen, G.01017$2,000.00An Annotated Translation of a Colonial Yucatec Manuscript: On Religious and Cosmological Topics by a Native Author
Whittington, S.01032$7,000.00El Mapa de Teozacoalco: An Early Colonial Guide to Cultural Transformations
Wrobel, G.01081$3,310.00Morphological Variation Among the Historic Period Maya at Tipu, Belize
Total Grantees: 36

Total Amount: $233,169.52

**Due to special circumstances, project monies were returned to FAMSI.

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