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Projects Funded for Research Year 2000

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Grantee: FAMSI #: Grant: Project Title:
Aguilera, M.99034$3,500.00Survey of Talking Cross Shrines in Yucatán and Quintana Roo
Amrhein, L.20001$467.00An Iconographic and Historic Analysis of Terminal Classic Maya Phallic Imagery
Barnhart, E.99101$16,800.00The Palenque Mapping Project, Final Report (1998-2000)
Benz, B.99074$6,112.00The Origins of Mesoamerican Agriculture: Reconnaissance and Testing in the Sayula-Zacoalco Lake Basin
Chinchilla Mazariegos, O.99053$15,000.00Archaeological Research at Cotzumalhuapa, Guatemala
Elson, C.99055$4,968.00Excavations at Los Mogotes, San Martín Tilcajete, Oaxaca
Fletcher, L.99106$2,200.00Publication: Las Ruinas de Calakmul, Campeche, México: Un lugar central y su paisaje cultural
Florescano, E.99011$7,000.00Quetzalcóatl. Metaphors and Images
Gasco, J.99035$8,000.00Ancient Xoconochco: Occupational History
Góngora Salas, A.99040$9,148.00Northeastern Yucatán Project: Archaeological Survey in the Northeastern Corner of Yucatán, México
Gossen, G.99014$7,500.00Four Creations of True People: Tzotzil Maya Account of the Human Experience
Gutiérrez, G.99060$6,000.00Archaeology and Ethnohistory in the La Montaña of Guerrero: Patterns in the Political and Territorial Expansion of a Tlapaneco-Mixteco Polity in Post-Classic Mesoamerica
Headrick, A.99039$9,980.00Reconstructing Teotihuacán's Political Structure, Mexico
Hinojosa, S.99018**Vocational Directives among Maya Bonesetters in Two Guatemalan Communities
Houston, S.99028$18,000.00In the Land of the Turtle Lords: Archaeological Investigations at Piedras Negras, Guatemala
Hull, K.99036$3,141.00Cosmological and Ritual Language in Ch'orti'
Johnston, K.99072**Earliest Maya: Antecedents to Complex Society: Chaak Ak'al, Guatemala
Joyce, A.99012$13,800.00Household Archaeology in Coastal Oaxaca, México
Larios Villalta, C.99026$8,500.00Architectural Restoration Criteria in the Maya Area
Love, M.99042$4,700.00The Analysis of Archaeological Materials from El Ujuxte, Guatemala
Maca, A.99081$4,800.00Foothill Settlement and Urban Planning at Late Classic Copán, Honduras
Milbrath, S.99025$3,000.00Research for book on Ancient Mexican Astronomy
Monaghan, J.99031$4,661.00The Indigenous Nobility and the Reinscription of Mesoamerican Codices
Mora-Marín, D.99049$1,948.00Late Preclassic Inscription Documentation Project
O'Mansky, M.99089$5,000.00Cancuén Regional Archaeological Project
Paillés Hernández, M.99041$7,800.00Las Bocas, Puebla, Archaeological Project
Pohl, M.99069$7,500.00Economic Foundations of Olmec Civilization in the Gulf Coast Lowlands of México
Popenoe de Hatch, M.99030$6,500.00Paleoclimatic Variation in the Valley of Guatemala during Precolumbian Times
Powis, T.99057$3,500.00The Preclassic Whole Vessels of Lamanai, Belize
Robinson , E.99052$6,510.00Multi-spectral Imaging of La Casa de las Golondrinas Rock Paintings
Sachse, F.99009$5,100.00Xinka Lexicography and Morphology
Scott, S.99100$14,457.00Publication: The Terracotta Figurines from Sigvald Linné's Excavations at Teotihuacán, México
Sharer, R.99102$33,000.00Early Copán Acropolis Program 2000 Field Season
Shaw, J.99016$6,000.00Final Report of the 2000 Yo'okop Field Season: Initial Mapping and Surface Collections
Smyth, M.99017$8,500.00Teotihuacán in the Puuc Region: Investigating an Early Foreign Presence at Chac II
Van Stone, M.99027$2,500.00Identifying Individual Hands in the Monuments of K'inich Ahkal Mo' Naab of Palenque
Weeks, J.98065$8,896.00Bibliografía Mesoamericana
Welch, D.99024$4,864.00The Chacalapan Geophysical Survey, Veracruz, México
Wendt, C.99068$8,000.00Investigations at an Olmec Community
Total Grantees: 39

Total Amount: $287,352.00

**Due to special circumstances, project monies were returned to FAMSI.

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