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Projects Funded for Research Year 2003

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Grantee: FAMSI #: Grant: Project Title:
Arroyo, B. / Escobar, L.02087$8,300.00Edwin M. Shook Archival Collection, Guatemala City, Guatemala
Audet, C.02090$5,260.00Baking Pot Codex Restoration Project, Belize
Barber, S.02060$3,750.00Proyecto Río Verde, 2003: Report on Excavations at Yugüe (Updated 2004)
Batún-Alpuche, A.02016$9,630.00Maya Settlement Patterns and Land Use in Buena Vista, Cozumel, México
Beekman, C.02029$7,973.00Public Architecture: Navajas, Jalisco, México
Blomster, J.02044$6,744.00Diachronic and Synchronic Analyses of Obsidian Procurement in the Mixteca Alta, Oaxaca
Brown, M.02066$7,000.00Ritual Ceramic Use in the Early and Middle Preclassic at the sites of Blackman Eddy and Cahal Pech, Belize
Canuto, M.02092$9,962.00Classic Maya Borders and Frontiers: Excavations at El Paraíso, Copán, Honduras, 2003 Season
Castanzo, R.02021$8,152.00Tepeaca Kiln Project
Chinchilla Mazariegos, O.02023$10,000.00Analysis of Archaeological Artifacts from Cotzumalhuapa, Guatemala
Cyphers, A.02095$10,000.00Laguna de los Cerros: A Terminal Classic Period Capital in the Southern Mexican Gulf Coast
Estrada-Belli, F.02093$7,000.00Archaeological Investigations in the Holmul Region, Petén, Guatemala: Results of the Fourth Season
Foias, A.02049$8,835.00Politics and Economics: Motul de San José, Petén
Fowler, W.02091$8,000.00The End of Pre-Columbian Pipil Civilization, Ciudad Vieja, El Salvador
Golden, C.02020$9,915.00Sierra del Lacandón Regional Archaeology Project
Loughlin, M.02058$9,950.00Recorrido Arqueológico El Mesón
Luke, C.02081$1,925.00Ulúa-Style Marble Vase Project: Dissemination of Results
Malchic Nicolás, M.02084**Viaje de Esquintla, Guatemala a Maya Meetings 2003: Austin, Texas
Maldonado, B.02063$9,656.00Tarascan Copper Metallurgy at the Site of Itziparátzico, Michoacán, México
Mora-Marín, D.02047$3,500.00The Primary Standard Sequence: Database Compilation, Grammatical Analysis, and Primary Documentation
Moriarty, M.02061$9,750.00Investigating an Inland Maya Port: The 2003 Field Season at Trinidad de Nosotros, Petén, Guatemala
Moyes, H.02086$9,705.00Changes and Continuities in Ritual Practice at Chechem Ha Cave, Belize
Muñoz, A.02055$1,800.00The Ceramic Sequence of Piedras Negras, Guatemala: Type and Varieties
Ogata Aguilar, N.02100$5,000.00Investigating the Sacred Cacao Groves of the Maya
Plunket, P.02042$8,820.00Dating Cholula, México
Ramos, J.02098$10,000.00Research on Temple 16: An Ongoing Imagery Reconstruction of Temple 16, Copán, Honduras
Rodríguez Campero, O.02070$3,000.00The Architecture of Petén at Calakmul: A Regional Comparison
Roskamp, H.02011$8,200.00Pre-Hispanic and Colonial Metallurgy in Jicalán, Michoacán, México: An Archaeological Survey
San Román Martín, M.02048$4,890.00The Palenque Ceramics: Activities Report, First Phase
Saturno, W.02039$10,000.00Emergency Conservation: San Bartolo, Guatemala
Schmidt, P.02009$8,800.00Surface Archaeology in the Chilapa-Zitlala Area of Guerrero, México, Season I
Schwarz, K.02007$1,000.00Understanding the Classic to Postclassic Architectural Transformation of Rural Households and Communities in the Quexil-Petenxil Basins, El Petén, Guatemala
Tavárez, D.02050$8,500.00Nicachi Songs: Zapotec Ritual Texts and Postclassic Ritual Knowledge in Colonial Oaxaca
Urcid, J.02056**Ancient Zapotec Religion: A Multi-Disc. Conf, Brandeis Univ. [Oaxaca, México]
Williams, E.02006$7,120.00The Ethnoarchaeology of Salt Production in the Lake Cuitzeo Basin, Michoacán, México
Woodfill, B.02083$10,000.00Archaeological Investigations in the Candelaria Caves and La Lima, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala
Yaeger, J.02082$9,990.00Revisiting the Xunantunich Palace: The 2003 Excavations
Total Grantees: 37

Total Amount: $262,127.00

**Due to special circumstances, project monies were returned to FAMSI.

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