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Projects Funded for Research Year 2006

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Grantee: FAMSI #: Grant: Project Title:
Acosta, G.06008$9,000.00Cuevas y Simas del Área de Ocozocoautla, México
Arroyo, B.06109$13,083.00The Naranjo Rescue Project: New Data from the Preclassic Guatemala
Berdan, F.06015$2,120.00The Technology of Ancient Mesoamerican Mosaics: An Experimental Investigation of Alternative Super Glues
Borgstede, G.06029$7,325.00The Terminal Classic to Postclassic Transition in the Western Highlands, Guatemala
Cach Avendano, E.06060$9,800.00El palacio de Ocomo, exploración de una estructura: Jalisco, México
Castaneira Yee Ben, A.06061$5,272.00El Paso Mareño: La interacción huave en el Istmo Sur de Tehuantepec, Oaxaca (Español)
Clayton, S.06046$5,464.00Ritual Diversity and Social Identities: A Study of Mortuary Behaviors at Teotihuacán, México
Cucina, A.06049$9,885.00Detecting Foreigners in Archaeological Human Dental Enamel in Yucatán, México
Espejel Carbajal, C.06041$7,000.00Tarascan Ethnohistory and Archaeology
Fargher, L.06082$5,330.00In the Shadow of Popocatepetl: Archaeological Survey and Mapping at Tlaxcala, México
Faust, K.06087$6,500.00The Pre-Columbian Huastec Iconography of the Northern Gulf Coast, México
Fialko, V.06098$10,000.00The Map of the Southwest Periphery of Naranjo, Petén, Guatemala
Fournier, P. / Blackman, M.06014$9,050.00Production, exchange and consumption of glazed wares in New Spain
French, K.06079$10,000.00Palenque Hydro-Archaeology Project, 2006-2007 Season Report
Garcia-Des Lauriers, C.06085$6,000.00The Early Classic Obsidian Trade at Los Horcones, Chiapas, México
Graham, E.06110C$3,606.00Lamanai Historic Monuments Conservation Project: Recording and Consolidation of New Church Architectural Features at Lamanai, Belize
Gutiérrez, G.06013$6,100.00Chronology for Eastern Guerrero: Contlalco and Cerro Quemado, Tlapa Valley, México
Kalyuta, A.06045$4,000.00Household and Estate of a Mexica Lord: Información de doña Isabel de Moctezuma, México
Kennedy Thornton, E.06027$10,000.00Zooarchaeological and Isotopic Perspectives on Ancient Maya Economy and Exchange
Lambert, A.06074**Survey of Olmec-Style Rock Art: Morelos and Guerrero, México
Liendo Stuardo, R.06007$8,577.00Proyecto Arqueológico Chinikihá, Temporada 2006, Informe de Actividades (Español)
Lohse, J.06019$9,500.00In Search of the Preceramic: 2006 Season Investigations at Actun Halal, Belize
Macario Cálgua, M.06044$10,000.00The Sociopolitical Configuration in the City of Q'um'arkaj: The Palaces and Nimja or Long Houses of the Chinamit Nija'ib'
Maxwell, J. / García Ixmatá, A.06104$10,000.00Power in Places: Investigating the Sacred Landscape of Iximche', Guatemala
Meanwell, J.06021$9,834.00Middle Balsas Project: An Investigation of Pottery Functionality and Chronology, Mexico
Newman, E. / Juli, H.06010$3,840.00Historical Archaeology and Indigenous Identity at the Ex-Hacienda San Miguel Acocotla, Atlixco, Puebla, México
Pereira, K.06059$10,000.00Proyecto Arqueológico Naranjo, Valle de Guatemala
Perez Blas, D.06028$7,791.00Orígenes de Objetos de Basalto, Veracruz, México
Powis, T.06047$8,246.00An Archaeological Investigation of the Origins of Cacao Drinking: The Ceramic Evidence from the Gulf Coast and Pacific Coast of México
Prufer, K.06066$9,945.00The Uxbenká Archaeological Project (UAP) 2006 Field Season
Robertson, I.06103$9,999.00'Insubstantial' Residential Structures at Teotihuacán, México
Sachse, F.06009$5,150.00Documentation of Colonial K'ichee' Dictionaries and Grammars
Sanders, W.06036$7,100.00Urbanism Symposium, México
Sload, R.06017$10,000.00Radiocarbon Dating of Teotihuacán Mapping Project TE28 Material from Cave under Pyramid of the Sun, Teotihuacán, México
Tiesler, V.06048$9,198.00Kinship relations between the elite of Calakmul, México
Tokovinine, A.06054$5,000.00Classic Maya Place Name Database Project, Mesoamerica
Walker, D.06035$9,930.00Naachtún, Petén, Guatemala: First Analyses, Guatemala
Zralka, J.06022$10,000.00The Nakum Archaeological Project: Investigations on the Banks of the Holmul River, Guatemala
Total Grantees: 38

Total Amount: $293,645.00

**Due to special circumstances, project monies were returned to FAMSI.

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