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Tabarev, Andrei V.     ( in English,  en Español )
Olmec Culture: Textbook for Russian Universities (2006)

Tabarev, Andrei V.     ( in English,  en Español )
Course of Lectures, Ancient Mesoamerica, Russia (2000)

Taube, Karl     ( in English,  en Español )
Jadeite Sources and Ancient Workshops: Archaeological Reconnaissance in the Upper Río El Tambor, Guatemala (2005)

Tavárez, David Eduardo     ( in English,  en Español )
Nicachi Songs: Zapotec Ritual Texts and Postclassic Ritual Knowledge in Colonial Oaxaca (2005)

Tavárez, David Eduardo     ( in English,  en Español )
Social Reproduction of Late Postclassic Ritual Practices in Early Colonial Central México (2000)

Téllez Lozano, Víctor Manuel     ( in English,  en Español )
The Reorganization of the Huichol Ceremonial Precinct (Tukipa) of Guadalupe Ocotán, Nayarit, México (2007)

Tiesler, Vera     ( in English,  en Español )
Kinship relations between the elite of Calakmul, México (2009)

Tokovinine, Alexandre     ( in English,  en Español )
Classic Maya Place Name Database Project, Mesoamerica (2007)

Turkon, Paula     ( in English,  en Español )
Macrobotanical Study: Zacatecas, México (2002)


Urban, Patricia A.     ( in English,  en Español )
Rural Production in Northwest Honduras: The 2004 Season of the Lower Cacaulapa Valley Archaeological Project (2007)

Urcid, Javier     ( in English,  en Español )
Sacred Landscapes and Social Memory: The Ñuiñe Inscriptions in the Ndaxagua Natural Tunnel, Tepelmeme, Oaxaca (2005)

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