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Glyph T228.516:103 - a-AK'OT-ta

a-AK'-ta (a[h]k'ta[j])
Glyph T229.683b:130 - a-ja-wa

a-ja-wa (ajaw)
Glyph T228.528 - a-ku

a-ku (a[h]ku[l])
Glyph T229.617:125v - a-li-ya

a-LAY-ya (alay)
Glyph T238.1011 - a-ya

a-LAY (alay)
Glyph T229.617:125v - a-ya-ya

a-LAY-ya (alay)
Glyph T743 - a/AJ

a (a)
Glyph T238 - a/AJ

a (a)
Glyph T229; also T228 - a/AJ

a (a)
(T229; also T228)
Glyph T12 - a/AJ

a (a)
Glyph T548 - AB'

AB' (ab')
Glyph T548[585] - AB'-[b'i]

AB'-[b'i] (ab')
Glyph T188v:520 - ACH-cha

ACH-cha (ach)
Glyph T743:38 60:23 - AJ k'u-JUN-na

a-K'UH HUN-na-la (a[j]k'uh hu'n[a]l)
(T743:38 60:23)
Glyph T12.41:23 - AJ k'u-{JUN}-na

a-K'UH-na (a[j]k'uh[u']n)
Glyph T228.23:585a - AJ na-b'i

a-na-b'i (a[j]naa[h]b')
Glyph T238.23:585hv - AJ na-b'i

MO'-na-b'i (mo' naa[h]b')
Glyph T229.602:126:178 - AJ pa-ya-la

a-pa-ya-la (a[j]payal)
Glyph T12:177:507 - AJ pi-tzi

a-pi-tzi (ajpitz)
Glyph T12v:177:507 178:506:9 - AJ pi-tzi-la-wa-la

a-pi-tzi-la-OL-la (a[j]pitziil [y]o'[h]l)
(T12v:177:507 178:506:9)
Glyph T12:200:507 178:1000hv - AJ pi-tzi-la-wa-{l}

a-pi-tzi-la-OL-la (a[j]pitziil [y]o'[h]l)
(T12:200:507 178:1000hv)
Glyph T12.216:568 - AJ su-lu

a-su-lu (a[j]sul)
Glyph T12.nn:501:314 - AJ tz'i-b'a

a-TZ'IB'-b'a (a[j]tz'i[h]b'a)
Glyph T12.248:501 - AJ tz'i-b'a

u-tz'i-b'a-la (utz'i[h]b'al)
Glyph T12.13:756c - AJ u-xu-[lu]

a-u-xu?[lu] (a[j]uxul)
Glyph T228.78:78:671 - AJ-wa-chi-NAL

a-[wi-chi]NAL-la (awichnal)
Glyph T229.86v:537 220v.23 - AJ-wi-na-{i}-ke-na

a-wi-na ke-na (awinake'n)
(T229.86v:537 220v.23)
Glyph T229.67:534 - AJ-wo-la

a-wo-la (awo'[h]l)
Glyph T12.683a:111 - AJ-X-B'AK

a-K'AL-B'AK (a[j]k'alb'aak)
Glyph T12.II:570 - AJ-X-B'AK

a-2-B'AK (a[j]cha'b'a[a]k)
Glyph T12.V:501.102 - AJ-X-B'AK

a-5-B'AK-ki (a[j]ho’b’aak)
Glyph T12.V:570hv - AJ-X-B'AK

a-5-B'AK (a[j]ho'b'a[a]k)
Glyph Tnn - AJAW

AJAW (ajaw)
Glyph T747a - AJAW

AJAW (ajaw)
Glyph T533 - AJAW

AJAW (Ajaw)
Glyph T364, or T774.584v - AJAW

AJAW (ajaw)
(T364, or T774.584v)
Glyph T168, or T584.687a - AJAW

AJAW (ajaw)
(T168, or T584.687a)
Glyph T1000d - AJAW

AJAW (ajaw)
Glyph T168:518b - AJAW

AJAW (ajaw)
Glyph T168:188:188 - AJAW-le-le

AJAW[le-le] (ajawlel)
Glyph T168:130 - AJAW-wa

AJAW-wa (ajaw)
Glyph T168:518:130 - AJAW-wa TE'

AJAW[TE']-wa (ajawte')
Glyph T504 - ak'/AK'

AK'AB' (ak'ab')
Glyph T516 - ak'/AK'OT

AK' (a[h]k')
Glyph T743v - ak'/AK'OT

a[AK’] (a[h]k')
Glyph T504 - AK'AB'

AK'AB' (ak'ab')
Glyph T516b:103 - AK'OT-ta

AK'-ta (a[h]k'ta[j] )
Glyph T743:102.181 - AK'OT-ta-ja

a[AK']-ta-ja (a[h]k'taj)
Glyph T504 - AKB'AL

AK'AB' (ak'ab')
Glyph Tnn - am

ITZAMNAJ? (itzamnaaj)
Glyph T1047a - am

ITZAMNAJ? (itzamnaaj)
Glyph T761b - AT

AT ([y]a[a]t/[y]at)
Glyph T552 - at

AT (at)
Glyph T761b:59 - AT-ti

AT-ti ( [y]aat)
Glyph T844 - AYIN

AYIN (ayi[i]n/ayin)
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