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Glyph . . . T126.116 - . . . ya-ni

. . . ya-ni (. . . yan)
(. . . T126.116)
Glyph T125 - ya

ya (ya)
Glyph T126hv - ya

ya (ya)
Glyph T126hv - ya

ya (ya)
Glyph T126 - ya

ya (ya)
Glyph T126 - ya

ya (ya)
Glyph T126:168:563a:122 - ya-AJAW K'AK'

ya-AJAW K'AK' (Yajaw K'ak')
Glyph T126:533.130 - ya-AJAW-wa

ya-AJAW-wa (yajaw)
Glyph T126.168:513v.130 - ya-AJAW-wa TE'

ya-AJAW-wa TE' (yajaw te')
Glyph T126.747a:130.87 - ya-AJAW-wa TE'

ya-AJAW-wa TE' (yajaw te')
Glyph T126.533:670 - ya-AL

ya-AL (yal)
Glyph T126.578af:670:142 - ya-AL

ya-AL (yal)
Glyph T126.584:670 - ya-AL

ya-AL (yal)
Glyph T126.743v[585]:24 - ya-b'i-li

ya-b'i-li (yab'il)
Glyph T126.533:670 - ya-CH'AM

ya-CH'AM (ya-ch'am)
Glyph T126.584:670 - ya-CH'AM

ya-CH'AM (ya-ch'am)
Glyph T126.578af:670:142 - ya-CH'AM-ma

ya-CH'AM-ma (ya-ch'am)
Glyph T126:60.1041:24 - ya-ja-li

ya-ja-li (yajil)
Glyph T126:683.130 - ya-ja-wa

ya-ja-wa (yajaw)
Glyph T126.614b:130 - ya-k'a-wa

ya-k'a-wa (yak'aw)
Glyph T126.669b:130 - ya-k'a-wa

ya-k'a-wa (yak'aw)
Glyph T125:604v - ya-k'u

ya-k'u (yak')
Glyph T126.534 - ya-la

ya-la (yal)
Glyph T126:534.181 - ya-la-ja

ya-la-ja (yalaj)
Glyph T126.178:18v - ya-la-ji

ya-la-ji (yalaj)
Glyph T126.534:246 - ya-la-ji-ya

ya-la-ji-ya (yalajiy)
Glyph T126.776:88 - ya-ta-ji

ya-ta-ji (yataj)
Glyph T126.552:23 - ya-ta-na

ya-ta-na (yatan)
Glyph T126.59:758v - ya-ti-ji

ya-ti-ji (yatij)
Glyph T126.59:88v - ya-ti-ji

ya-ti-ji (yatij)
Glyph T126:114 - ya-xa

ya-xa (Yax)
Glyph T126.23:756b - ya-xu-na (?)

ya-xu-na (?) (yaxun ?)
Glyph T16:528 - YAX

YAX (Yax)
Glyph T16:528 - YAX

YAX (Yax)
Glyph T16 - YAX

YAX (yax)
Glyph T16 - YAX

YAX (yax)
Glyph T16:93v.617v:117 - YAX ch'a-CH'AM

YAX ch'a-CH'AM (yax ch'am)
Glyph T16.617v:116? - YAX CH'AM

YAX CH'AM (yax ch'am)
Glyph T16.1030e:670 - YAX CH'AM K'AWIL

YAX CH'AM K'AWIL (yax ch'am K'awil)
Glyph T16:580 - YAX CHIT

YAX CHIT (yax chit)
Glyph T16:528.116:713a - YAX K'AL TUN-ni

YAX K'AL TUN-ni (yax k'al tun)
Glyph T16.220:607 - YAX k'o-jo

YAX k'o-jo (yax k'oj)
Glyph T16:602 - YAX pa-{s}

YAX pa-{s} (yax pas/Yax Pas)
Glyph T16.222:561 - YAX PAS

YAX PAS (yax pas/Yax Pas)
Glyph T16:544.116 - YAXK'IN

YAXK'IN (Yaxk'in)
Glyph T710.501:24? - ye-b'a-li

ye-b'a-li (yeb'al)
Glyph T1073:142:178 - ye-ma-la

ye-ma-la (yemal)
Glyph T710v.74:534hv - ye-ma-la

ye-ma-la (yemal)
Glyph T512.87 - ye-te'

ye-te' (yete')
Glyph T710v.78:514v - ye-te'

ye-te' (yete')
Glyph T710.587.87 - ye-te'

ye-te' (yete')
Glyph T512.580[646]669[501] - ye-te' k'a-b'a-li

ye-te' k'a-b'a-li (yete' k'ab'a-il)
Glyph T512.78:514.69 - ye-te'-je

ye-te'-je (yete'j)
Glyph T710v.78:514v:69 - ye-te'-je

ye-te'-je (yete'j)
Glyph T1073 - ye/YE

ye/YE (ye/yej)
Glyph T32:nn:115.1073 - ye/YE

ye/YE (ye/yej)
Glyph T33:512 - ye/YE

ye/YE (ye/yej)
Glyph T512 - ye/YE

ye/YE (ye/yej)
Glyph T710 - ye/YE

ye/YE (ye/yej)
Glyph T710v - ye/YE

ye/YE (ye/yej)
Glyph T17hv - yi

yi (yi)
Glyph T17 and T18 - yi

yi (yi)
(T17 and T18)
Glyph T575 - yi

yi (yi)
Glyph T17:603:102 - yi-ch'a-ki

yi-ch'a-ki (yich'ak)
Glyph T17.671 - yi-chi

yi-chi (yich)
Glyph T17:671.86 - yi-chi-NAL

yi-chi-NAL (yichnal)
Glyph T17:618v:136 - yi-IL-ji

yi-IL-ji (yilij)
Glyph T17.618v:88 - yi-IL-ji

yi-IL-ji (yilij)
Glyph T17.618v:178.181 - yi-IL-la-ja

yi-IL-la-ja (yilaj)
Glyph T124:563b?:25.25 - yi-ka-tzo

yi-ka-tzo (yikatz)
Glyph T17.534:88 - yi-la-ji

yi-la-ji (yilaj)
Glyph T17:82:744v:246 - yi-li-aj-ji-ya

yi-li-a-ji-ya (yilajiy)
Glyph T17:565a - yi-ta

yi-ta (yitaj)
Glyph T17.565:88 - yi-ta-ji

yi-ta-ji (yitaj)
Glyph T17:563.23 - yi-tz'i-na

yi-tz'i-na (yitz'in)
Glyph T86:116.606[671].116 - yi-[chi]-NAL

yi-[chi]-NAL (yichnal)
Glyph T565:88 - yi-[ta]-ji

yi-[ta]-ji (yitaj)
Glyph T673 - yo

yo (yo)
Glyph T115.229:552:103 - yo-a-AT-ta

yo-a-AT?-ta (yo-at)
Glyph T115.552v - yo-AT

yo-AT (yo-at)
Glyph T115.552:103 - yo-AT-ta

yo-AT?-ta (yo-at)
Glyph T115.761:59 - yo-AT-ti (?)

yo-AT-ti (yo-at)
Glyph T115:110 - yo-ko

yo-ko (yok)
Glyph T115.765[544]:116 - yo-OK [K'IN]-ni

yo-OK [K'IN]-ni (yok k'in)
Glyph T115.765v:103 - yo-OK-ki

yo-OK-ki (yok)
Glyph T115.574:178 - yo-OL-la

yo-OL-la (yol)
Glyph T115v:506:178.606:23 - yo-OL-la TAN-na

yo-OL-la TAN-na (yol tan)
Glyph T115.501:115v:59 - yo-OTOT

yo-OTOT (yotot)
Glyph T115.501:115v:59 - yo-OTOT-ti

yo-OTOT-ti (yotot)
Glyph T115.501:575v:59 - yo-OTOT-ti

yo-OTOT-ti (yotot)
Glyph T115.614:518v:59 - yo-OTOT-ti

yo-OTOT-ti (yotot)
Glyph T115.44:1016:59 - yo-to-ta-ti

yo-to-ta-ti (yotot-ti)
Glyph T115v.44:501:59 - yo-to-ti

yo-to-ti (yotot-ti)
Glyph T115.44:563b:59 - yo-to-ti

yo-to-ti (yotot-ti)
Glyph T673b:44.59 - yo-to-ti

yo-to-ti (yotot-ti)
Glyph T115.761:59 - yo-[xa]-AT-ti (?)

yo-[xa]-AT-ti (?) (yoxat)
Glyph T115 - yo/YOP

yo/YOP (yo/yop)
Glyph T115.229:552:103 - YOP-a-AT-ta

YOP-a-AT-ta (yop-at)
Glyph T115.552v - YOP-AT

YOP-AT (yop-at)
Glyph T115.552:103 - YOP-AT-ta

YOP-AT-ta (yop-at)
Glyph T115.761:59 - YOP-AT-ti (?)

YOP-AT-ti (?) (yo-at)
Glyph T61 and T62 - yu

yu (yu)
(T61 and T62)
Glyph T61.21 86:518c.140 - yu-b'u-te'

yu-b'u-te' (yub'te')
(T61.21 86:518c.140)
Glyph T61.756af:501 - yu-ch'a-b'a

yu-ch'a-b'a (yuch'ab')
Glyph T62.77:585 - yu-ch'a-b'i

yu-ch'a-b'i (yuch'ab')
Glyph T61v:nn - yu-NE-{n}

yu-NE-{n} (yunen)
Glyph T62.856v - yu-NE-{n}

yu-NE-{n} (yunen)
Glyph T61:565a.178v - yu-ta-la

yu-ta-la (yutal)
Glyph T61:565a - yu-ta-{l}

yu-ta-{l} (yutal)
Glyph T61.507c:24 - yu-tzi-li

yu-tzi-li (yutzil)
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