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Glyph T586.669 - pa-k'a

pa-k'a (pak')
Glyph T586.669:136:126 - pa-k'a-ji-ya

pa-k'a-ji-ya (pak'ajiy)
Glyph T586:25:501 - pa-ka-b'a

pa-ka-b'a (pakab')
Glyph T586.25:178 - pa-ka-la

pa-ka-la (pakal)
Glyph T586:25.178:181 - pa-ka-la-ja

pa-ka-la-ja (pakalaj)
Glyph T586.25:114 - pa-ka-xa

pa-ka-xa (pakax)
Glyph T586:25.736v - pa-ka-xa

pa-ka-xa (pakax)
Glyph T602.630 - pa-sa

pa-sa (pas)
Glyph T586:57:82 - pa-si-li

pa-si-li (pasil)
Glyph T586:565.23 - pa-ta-na

pa-ta-na (patan)
Glyph T586:103 - pa-ta-{n}

pa-ta-{n} (patan)
Glyph T586:59 - pa-ti

pa-ti (pat)
Glyph T586hv - pa/PAJ

pa (pa)
Glyph T586 - pa/PAJ

pa (pa)
Glyph T586 - pa/PAJ

pa (pa)
Glyph T602 - pa/PAJ

pa (pa)
Glyph T624v - PAKAL

PAKAL (pakal)
Glyph T222:561 - PAS/PASAJ

PAS/PASAJ (pas/pasaj)
Glyph T561:544:526 - PAS/PASAJ

PAS/PASAJ (pas/pasaj)
Glyph T80:614 - PAT

PAT (pat)
Glyph T80 - PAT

PAT (pat)
Glyph T80 - PAT

PAT (pat)
Glyph T80 - PAT

PAT (pat)
Glyph T80:21.741v:126 - PAT-b'u-ya

PAT-b'u-ya (pat b'uy)
Glyph T80:565a - PAT-ta

PAT-ta (pat)
Glyph T80:113:21:136 - PAT-ta-b'u-ji

PAT-ta-b'u-ji (pat buj)
Glyph T80:565a:130.116 - PAT-ta-wa-ni

PAT-ta-wa-ni (patwan)
Glyph T80:614:130.116 - PAT-wa-ni

PAT-wa-ni (patwan)
Glyph T79:683[178] - PAT-[la]-ja

PAT-[la]-ja (patlaj)
Glyph T549hv - PAX

PAX (Pax)
Glyph T549:142 - PAX

PAX (Pax)
Glyph T511v - PET

PET (pet)
Glyph T511v:88.126 - PET-ji-ya

PET-ji-ya (petjiy)
Glyph T177 - pi

pi (pi)
Glyph T177.585:4:12 - pi-b'i NA-aj

pi-b'i NA-aj (pib' naj)
Glyph T177:585hv:24.48 - pi-b'i-NA-li

pi-b'i-NA-li (pib'nal)
Glyph T528.528:60 - pi-ji

pi-hi (pih)
Glyph T177v:57 - pi-si

pi-si (pis)
Glyph T177.507 - pi-tzi

pi-tzi (pitz)
Glyph T177.507hv:178 - pi-tzi-la

pi-tzi-la (pitzal)
Glyph T200:507hv:178.181 - pi-tzi-la-ja

pi-tzi-la-ja (pitzalaj)
Glyph T177:536.142 - pi-xo-ma

pi-xo-ma (pixom)
Glyph T528.528.126 - PI-ya

pi-ya (pi-i/piy)
Glyph T1033v - pi/PI/PIJ

pi/PIH (pi/pih)
Glyph T528.528 - pi/PI/PIJ

pi/PIH (pi/pih)
Glyph T528.528 - PIK

PIK (pik)
Glyph T687a - po

po (po)
Glyph T551.130 - POP

POP (Pop)
Glyph T584.568:17 - pu-lu-yi

pu-lu-yi (puliy)
Glyph T854 - pu/PU/PUJ

pu/PUJ (pu/puj)
Glyph T122:1010c[17] - PUL-[yi]

PUL-[yi] (puliy)
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