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Glyph T102.765:188 - TA OCH-le-{l}

TA OCH-le-{l} (ta ochlel)
Glyph T51.61:565 - TA yu-ta-{l}

TA yu-ta-{l} (ta yutal)
Glyph T565v:136 - ta-ji

ta-ji (taj)
Glyph T565v.102 - ta-ki

ta-ki (-tak)
Glyph T565:102.181 - ta-ki-ja

ta-ki-ja (takaj)
Glyph T113.82 - ta-li

ta-li (tal)
Glyph T103 - ta/TA

ta/TA (ta)
Glyph T113 - ta/TA

ta/TA (ta)
Glyph T122:150 - ta/TA

ta/TA (ta)
Glyph T51 and T53 - ta/TA

ta/TA (ta)
(T51 and T53)
Glyph T552v - ta/TA

ta/TA (ta)
Glyph T565 - ta/TA

ta/TA (ta)
Glyph T565 - ta/TA

ta/TA (ta)
Glyph T565 - ta/TA

ta/TA (ta)
Glyph T645 - ta/TA

ta/TA (ta)
Glyph T776.776 - ta/TA

ta/TA (ta)
Glyph T122:150 - TAJ

TAJ (taj)
Glyph T60 - TAJ

TAJ (taj)
Glyph T122.150:528 - TAJ TUN

TAJ TUN (taj tun)
Glyph T559[544] - TAK

TAK (-tak)
Glyph T559[544]:102 - TAK-ki

TAK-ki (-tak)
Glyph T676 - TAL

TAL (tal)
Glyph T606v - TAN

TAN (tan)
Glyph T606 - TAN

TAN (tan)
Glyph T606 - TAN

TAN (tan)
Glyph T606.571v:III.528hv.228 - TAN CH'EN OX WITZ-aj

TAN CH'EN OX WITZ-aj (tan ch'en ox witzaj)
Glyph T606.598v:23 - TAN CH'EN-na

TAN CH'EN-na (tan ch'en)
Glyph T606:23 - TAN-na

TAN-na (tan)
Glyph T580:669 - te'-k'a

te'-k'a (tek')
Glyph T580:669b.181 - te'-k'a-ja

te'-k'a-ja (te' k'aj)
Glyph T87:513.188 - te'-TE'-le

TE'-le (te'el)
Glyph T350 - te'/TE' (che'/CHE')

te/TE'/CHE' (te/te'/che')
Glyph T513 - te'/TE' (che'/CHE')

te/TE'/CHE' (te/te'/che')
Glyph T514 - te'/TE' (che'/CHE')

te/TE'/CHE' (te/te'/che')
Glyph T514v - te'/TE' (che'/CHE')

te/TE'/CHE' (te/te'/che')
Glyph T514v - te'/TE' (che'/CHE')

te/TE'/CHE' (te/te'/che')
Glyph T580[646] - te'/TE' (che'/CHE')

te/TE'/CHE' (te/te'/che')
Glyph T78:514v - te'/TE' (che'/CHE')

te/TE'/CHE' (te/te'/che')
Glyph T87 - te'/TE' (che'/CHE')

te/TE'/CHE' (te/te'/che')
Glyph T87hv - te'/TE' (che'/CHE')

te/TE'/CHE' (te/te'/che')
Glyph T59.168:188 - TI AJAW le-{l}

TI AJAW le-{l} (ti ajawlel)
Glyph T59.126:504v:24 - TI ya-AK'-il

TI ya-AK'-il (ti yakil?)
Glyph T59.25:534 - ti-ka-la

ti-ka-la (tikal)
Glyph T59:102:24 - ti-ki-li

ti-ki-li (tikil)
Glyph T59:756[528].177 - ti-xu-[ku]-pi

ti-xu-[ku]-pi (ti xukpi)
Glyph T59 - ti/TI

ti/TI (ti)
Glyph T747 - ti/TI

ti/TI (ti)
Glyph T758v - TIL

TIL (til)
Glyph T44:563b - to

to (to)
Glyph T44 - to

to (to)
Glyph T44 - to

to (to)
Glyph T44:607:24v - to-jo-li

to-jo-li (tojol)
Glyph T44:695:24 - to-jo-li

to-jo-li (tojol)
Glyph T44:669:314 - to-k'a

to-k'a (tok')
Glyph T44:669.586b:25:178 - to-k'a pa-ka-la

to-k'a pa-ka-la (tok' pakal)
Glyph T44:110 - to-ko

to-ko (tok)
Glyph T110.168:44:606 - to-ko TAN AJAW

to-ko TAN AJAW (Tok Tan Ajaw)
Glyph T44:110:606.521:102 - to-ko TAN WINIK-ki

to-ko TAN WINIK-ki (Tok Tan Winik)
Glyph T44:110.606:23 - to-ko-TAN-na

to-ko-TAN-na (tok tan/Tok Tan)
Glyph T1030j - to-XAT

to-XAT (toxat)
Glyph T44:691v:59 - to-[xa]-AT-ti

to-[xa]-AT-ti (toxat)
Glyph T257 - TOK'

TOK' (tok')
Glyph T257 - TOK'

TOK' (tok')
Glyph T257 - TOK'

TOK' (tok')
Glyph T257:624 - TOK' PAKAL

TOK' PAKAL (tok' pakal)
Glyph T89.1016:24 - TU K'U-li

TU K'U-li (tuk'ul)
Glyph T89.539[585]:82 - TU WAY-[b'i]-li

TU WAY-[b'i]-li (tu wayb'il)
Glyph T89.528:592v - tu-ku-nu

tu-ku-nu (tukun)
Glyph T89:586 - tu-pa

tu-pa (tup)
Glyph T89.586:683 - tu-pa-ja

tu-pa-ja (tupaj)
Glyph T89, T90, and T92 - tu/TU

tu/TU (tu)
(T89, T90, and T92)
Glyph T1034 - TUN

TUN (tun)
Glyph T528 - TUN

TUN (tun)
Glyph T528hv - TUN

TUN (tun)
Glyph T548 - TUN

TUN (tun)
Glyph T548 - TUN

TUN (tun)
Glyph T528:116 - TUN-ni

TUN-ni (tun)
Glyph T699v - [TAN] LAM

[TAN] LAM (tan lam)
Glyph T699v.181 - [TAN] LAM-ja

[TAN] LAM-ja (tan lamaj)
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