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Glyph T108:764 - cha-CHAN/ka-KAN

cha-CHAN (cha[']n)
Glyph T520:102 - cha-ki

cha-ki (chaa[h]k)
Glyph T520v:102 - cha-ki

cha-ki (chaa[h]k)
Glyph T520hv.561hv:23 - cha-ki CHAAN-na / cha-ki KAAN-na

cha-ki CHAAN-na / cha-ki KAAN-na (Chaak Chaan / Chaak Kaan)
Glyph T135:592 - cha-nu/ka-nu

cha-nu (cha'n)
Glyph T299:510.606:23 - cha-TAN-na

cha-TAN-na (chatan)
Glyph T187:520:87 - cha-te' KAB'A

[cha]K'AB'A'-a (cha k'ab'a')
Glyph T510-126 - cha-ya

cha-ya (chay/kay)
Glyph TII - CHA/KA

CHA/KA (cha/ka)
Glyph T228 - cha/ka

AJAW[NE'N?] ([y]ajaw ne'[h]n)
Glyph T520 - cha/ka

cha (cha)
Glyph T520v - cha/ka

cha (cha)
Glyph T135 - cha/ka

cha (cha)
Glyph T108 - cha/ka

cha (cha)
Glyph TIIhv - CHA/KA

CHA'/KA' (cha'/ka')
Glyph T1011 - CHAAK

"GI" (?)
Glyph T1011 - CHAAK

CHAK (cha[ah]k)
Glyph T1011 - CHAAK

CHAK (cha[ah]k)
Glyph T1011.102 - CHAAK-ki

CHAK-ki (chaa[h]k)
Glyph T561.571:23 - CHAAN CH'EN-na / KAAN CH'EN-na

CHAN-CH'EN-na (chan ch'e'n)
Glyph T561:23.598:23 - CHAAN-na CH'EN-na / KAAN-na CH'EN-na

CHAN-na CH'EN-na / KA'AN-na CH'EN-na (chan ch'en / ka'an ch'en)
Glyph T561:23.36 - CHAAN-na CH'UL / KAAN-na K'UL

[CHAN-na]K'UH (chana[l] k'uh)
Glyph T561:23.1030 - CHAAN-na K'AWIL / KAAN-na K'AWIL

CHAN-na-K'AWIL-la (chan k'awiil)
Glyph T86:325?[561] - CHAAN-na-NAL / KAAN-na-NAL

[CHAN]NAL-na (chanal)
Glyph T561:23 - CHAAN-na/KAAN-na

CHAN-na/KA'AN-na (chan/ka'an)
Glyph T746 - CHAAN/KAAN

CHAN/KA'AN (chan/ka'an)
Glyph T561c - CHAAN/KAAN

CHAN/KA'AN (chan/ka'an)
Glyph T746ff - CHAAN/KAAN

CHAN/KA'AN (chan/ka'an)
Glyph T590v - CHAK

CHAK (chak)
Glyph T590v - CHAK

CHAK (chak)
Glyph T109 - CHAK

CHAK (chak)
Glyph T109 - CHAK

CHAK (chak)
Glyph T109 - CHAK

CHAK (chak)
Glyph T109.168:41 - CHAK CH'UL AJAW / CHAK K'UL AJAW

CHAK-[K'UH]AJAW (chak k'uh[ul] ajaw)
Glyph T109:510v - CHAK EK'

CHAK EK' (chak ek')
Glyph T109:552 - CHAK K'AT

CHAK-AT (chakat)
Glyph T109.1008 520v:102 - CHAK XIB' cha-ki

CHAK-XIB' cha-ki (chak xib' chaa[h]k)
(T109.1008 520v:102)

(See SIP )

LAHCHA' (lahcha')

12 (lahcha')
Glyph T736v - CHAM

CHAM (cham)
Glyph T736v - CHAM

CHAM (cham)
Glyph T736v:24 - CHAM-li

MUK-li (mu[h]k[i]l)
Glyph T736v:173 - CHAM-mi

CHAM-mi (chami)
Glyph T736v:126.173 - CHAM-mi-ya

CHAM-mi-ya (chamiiy)
Glyph T764 - CHAN/KAN

CHAN/KAN (chan/kan)
Glyph T764 - CHAN/KAN

CHAN/KAN (chan/kan)
Glyph T206 - CHAN/KAN

CHAN/KAN (chan/kan)
Glyph T1010 - CHAN/KAN

CHAN/KAN (chan/kan)

4 (chan/kan)
Glyph Tnn - CHAPAT

CHAPAT (chapa[h]t)
Glyph T738 - CHAY/KAY

CHAY/KAY (chay/kay)
Glyph T145 - che

che (che)
Glyph T145 - che

che (che)
Glyph T148 - che

che (che)
Glyph T145 - che

che (che)
Glyph T148.19:741v - che-b'u

che-b'u (che'b'/cheb'u[l] )
Glyph T148.741a:23 - che-e-na

che-e-na (che[']e'n)
Glyph T148.741a:23 89.501:102 - che-e-na TU b'a-ki

che-e-na TU b'a-ki (che'en tu b'ak)
(T148.741a:23 89.501:102)
Glyph T148.574:23 - che-je-na

che-he-na (chehe'n)

(See OCH K'IN )
Glyph T671[544]:82 - chi-[K'IN]-li

chi-[K'IN]-li (chik'inil)
Glyph T671 - chi/CHI

chi (chi)
Glyph T508 - CHICCHAN

CHIKCHAN? (chikchan)
Glyph T764 - CHICCHAN

CHIKCHAN? (chikchan)
Glyph T291.nn - CHIJ

CHIJ/CHIH (chih/chij)
Glyph T580 - CHIT

CHIT (chit)
Glyph T580:59 - CHIT-ti

CHIT-ti (chit)
Glyph T753v - CHITAM

CHITAM (chitam)
Glyph T590 - cho

cho (cho)
Glyph T33v.710v - CHOK

CHOK (chok)
Glyph T33v.710v:136 - CHOK-ji

CHOK-ji (chokij)
Glyph T590:110:130.93.136 - CHOK-ko-wa CH'A-ji

cho-ko-wa-ch'a-ji (choko'w ch'aaj)
Glyph T33v.710v:130.93:136 - CHOK-wa CH'A-ji

CHOK-wa-ch'a-ji (chok[o]'w ch'aaj)
Glyph T601 - chu

chu (chu)
Glyph T515a - chu

chu (chu)
Glyph T87.515a - chu

chu (chu)
Glyph T87.515a:25 - chu-ka

chu-ka (chuk)
Glyph T87.515a:25.181 - chu-ka-ja

chu-ka-ja (chu[h]kaj)
Glyph T87.515a[528] - chu-[ku]

chu-[ku] (chuk)
Glyph T87.515a[528].181 - chu-[ku]-ja

chu[ku]-ja (chu[h]k[a]j)
Glyph T87.515a[528]:17.126 - chu-[ku]-ji-ya

chu[ku]-ji-ya (chu[h]kjiiy)
Glyph T644 - CHUM

CHUM (chum)
Glyph T702v - CHUM(?)

CHUM(?) (chum?)
Glyph T700 - CHUM(?)

CHUM(?) (chum?)
Glyph T644a:178.88:126 - CHUM-la-ji-ya

CHUM-la-ji-ya (chumlajiy)
Glyph T644[584]:116:130 59.168:188 - CHUM-wa-ni TI AJAW-le-{l}

CHUM-ni-wa ti-AJAW[le] (chumwaan ti ajawle[l] )
(T644[584]:116:130 59.168:188)
Glyph T644b - CHUM-[mu]

CHUM-[mu] (chum)
Glyph T644b.528:116 - CHUM-[mu] TUN-ni

CHUM-[mu] TUN-ni (chum tun)
Glyph T644b:88.178.126 - CHUM-[mu]-la-ji-ya

CHUM-[mu]-la-ji-ya (chumlajiy)
Glyph T644b:130.116.126 - CHUM-[mu]-wa-ni-ya

CHUM-[mu]-wa-ni-ya (chumwaniy)
Glyph T520 - CHUWEN

CHUWEN (Chuwen)
Glyph Tnn:520 - CHUWEN

CHUWEN (chuwen)
Glyph T86:41[561] - [CHAAN]-NAL K'U / [KAAN]-NAL K'U

[[CHAN]K'UH]NAL (chanal k'uh)
Glyph T528[644a]:116 - [CHUM] TUN-ni

[CHUM] TUN-ni (chum tun)
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