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CH'UL/K'UL (CH'UJUL/K'UJUL) (ch'ul/k'ul, ch'ujul/k'ujul) (T40) > adj. "sacred, holy, divine"; incorporates a visual and conceptual analogy between blood and the soul; derives from the word ch'ulel  in several Mayan languages, meaning "soul, holiness, divinity, spirituality"

<> (JM) Depicts drops of liquid, most likely blood, and an "upside-down Ajaw" glyph (la).

(PM) CH'UL/K'UL (CH'UHUL/K'UHUL) (ch'ul/k'ul, ch'uhul/k'uhul)

(CH) > K'UH (k'uh[ul] ) k'uh-ul ~ n.-attr. lit. "godly" or "divine".

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