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WAXAKLAJUN U B'A (waxaklajun u b'a) (TXVIII.13.757) 1> "Eighteen [Snake/Centipede] Heads"; proper name of the scaled Vision Serpent/centipede thought to derive from Teotihuacan imagery 2> n. "war helmet" 3> n. proper name of the 13th ruler of Copán in the Yax K'uk' Mo' lineage; possibly refers to the number of war serpent/centipede heads on the Temple of the Feathered Serpent at Teotihuacan in central Mexico.

(PM) WAXAKLAJUN U B'AH (waxaklajun u b'ah) (TXVIII.13.757) > "Eighteen Images of …" n. First part of the name of 1> Waxaklajun U b'ah Kan "Eighteen Images of the Serpent", the war serpent associated with conquest warfare 2> Waxaklajun U b'ah K'awil "Eighteen Images of K'awil", the name of the 13th ruler of Copán.

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