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Dictionary of Maya Hieroglyphs

Day Signs of the Maya Tzolk’in Calendar

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Glyph Phonetic Spelling Transcription in Mayan "T" number Day of the
Maya Tzolk’in calendar
Glyph T501 - IMIXIMIX(Imix)(T501)01
Glyph T503 - IK'IK'(Ik')(T503)02
Glyph T504 - AKB'ALAKB'AL(Akb'al)(T504)03
Glyph T506 - K'ANK'AN(K'an)(T506)04
Glyph T764 - CHICCHANCHICCHAN(Chicchan)(T764)05
Glyph T509hv - KIMIKIMI(Kimi)(T509hv)06
Glyph T671 - MANIK'MANIK'(Manik')(T671)07
Glyph T510 - LAMATLAMAT(Lamat)(T510)08
Glyph T513 - MULUKMULUK(Muluk)(T513)09
Glyph T765a - OKOK(Ok)(T765a)10
Glyph T520 - CHUWENCHUWEN(Chuwen)(T520)11
Glyph Tnn - EB'EB'(Eb')(Tnn)12
Glyph T584 - B'ENB'EN(B'en)(T584)13
Glyph T524 - IXIX(Ix/ix)(T524)14
Glyph T1017v? - MENMEN(Men)(T1017v?)15
Glyph T525 - KIB'KIB'(Kib')(T525)16
Glyph T526 - KAB'ANKAB'AN(Kab'an)(T526)17
Glyph T527 - ETZ'NAB'ETZ'NAB'(Etz'nab')(T527)18
Glyph T528 - KAWAKKAWAK(Kawak)(T528)19
Glyph T533 - AJAWAJAW(Ajaw)(T533)20

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