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Dictionary of Maya Hieroglyphs

Month Signs of the Maya Haab’ Calendar

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Glyph Phonetic Spelling Transcription in Mayan "T" number Month of the
Maya Haab’ calendar
Glyph T551.130 - POPPOP(Pop)(T551.130)01
Glyph T202:552v:142 - WOWO(Wo)(T202:552v:142)02
Glyph T109:552 - SIPSIP(Sip)(T109:552)03
Glyph T756 - SOTZ'SOTZ'(Sotz')(T756)04
Glyph T25:520:130 - SEKSEK(Sek)(T25:520:130)05
Glyph T758v:116 - XULXUL(Xul)(T758v:116)06
Glyph T16:544.116 - YAXK'INYAXK'IN(Yaxk'in)(T16:544.116)07
Glyph T581 - MOLMOL(Mol)(T581)08
Glyph T95.528:74 - CH'ENCH'EN(Ch'en)(T95.528:74)09
Glyph T16:528 - YAXYAX(Yax)(T16:528)10
Glyph T58:528.142 - SAKSAK(Sak)(T58:528.142)11
Glyph T109:528:142 - KEJKEJ(Kej)(T109:528:142)12
Glyph T74:501v:25 - MAKMAK(Mak)(T74:501v:25)13
Glyph T559.117 - K'ANK'INK'ANK'IN(K'ank'in)(T559.117)14
Glyph T744:116 - MUWAN-niMUWAN-ni(Muwan)(T744:116)15
Glyph T549:142 - PAXPAX(Pax)(T549:142)16
Glyph T743[281]:57:125 - K'AYAB'K'AYAB'(K'ayab')(T743[281]:57:125)17
Glyph T155:506:142 - KUMK'UKUMK'U(Kumk'u)(T155:506:142)18
Glyph T157:548 - WAYEB'WAYEB'(Wayeb')(T157:548)The final five-day unlucky period

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