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In-Depth Research

Epigraphers, iconographers, other researchers can download the Geomagic Review® file (download viewer) and follow the directions for installation. Review is free inspection analysis software that will allow manipulation of viewing angles, rotation of the object, change the angle of light across scanned pieces to provide optimal viewing of detail, and precise measurements can be made on-screen. The Geomagic Review® software has a complete tutorial available as a help file that details the procedures.

To view the full three-dimensional data sets available directly from this web site, the Geomagic Review® free inspection software must be downloaded to the viewer's computer ( The downloading and use of this program is free, and it provides much the same access and work functions for three-dimensional data as Adobe Reader© does for PDF documents.

The full data sets for each object in this database are available for research. In order to request complete data sets, please send an email to . When the request is received a questionnaire and use agreement form will be forwarded for completion. Upon acceptance by all parties, directions for data retrieval will be provided.

To download the latest Windows version of the viewer, click the Geomagic icon below.

Link to download free Geomagic viewer
System Requirements for the Viewer
Input File Format: Geomagic .wrp files
Operating Systems: Windows XP (32-bit), Windows Vista (32-bit)
CPU: Pentium® 4 1 GHz or better, Dual processors recommended
for greater performance
Memory: 1GB minimum / 2GB recommended
Disk Space: 10GB or more
Display: 1280 x 1024 resolution, 24-bit color or above; Open GL 1.1 compliance
Tested Cards: Intergraph Wildcat series, Fire GL1/2, Nvidia Quadro/GeForce

Mac viewers please use this link and download the "StL viewer" for your OS version.

Example of Monument 64 in Geomagic Viewer

Raindrop Geomagic uses a three-button pointing device. The mouse actions and mouse action modifiers are listed below:

Left Mouse Button
Left MouseSingle click selects most items on the user interface and elements of the active object. Click and drag selects regions of the active object.
Ctrl-Left MouseDeselect Object
Alt-Left MouseLighting
Shift-Left MouseSet active model (when working with multiple models)
Middle Mouse Button
Scroll WheelZoom. To zoom in (or out) on any portion of the object in the Viewing Area, put the mouse cursor on the point of interest and use the scroll wheel.
Middle MouseClick and drag rotates an object in the Viewing Area.
Ctrl-Middle MouseSet multiple active models
Alt-Middle MousePan
Shift-Ctrl-Middle MouseMove model
Right Mouse Button
Right MouseSingle click accesses the "right-click menu" which contains a context-sensitive set of frequently needed functions.
Alt-Right MousePan
Shift-Right MouseZoom

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