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Database Field Information

Identification Number - A Mesoamerican Three-Dimensional Imaging Project number (e.g., M3D001a) will be assigned to each object.

Origin Site - The site in which the artifact originated, if known.

Artifact Identification - Pieces are identified according to published data when available.

Location - Current location of the artifact, as applicable.

Dimensions - Height, width, depth and diameter as possible.

Artifact Type - Monument or artifact type as possible (e.g., mask, pendant, stela, panel, etc.).

Artifact Medium - The type of material from which the artifact is constructed.

Inscription - Y/N if an inscription exists.

Dating - Chronological era as well as specific date if exists on the artifact.

Notes - The authors will generally provide details of the scanning project that include methods, data collection, reports, and pertinent background information.

Collaborators - Individuals, organizations, or institutions who assisted or supported the data collection and those who contributed data.

Line Drawing - Line drawing if known.

Photograph - Photographs, including historic images when available, project photos from AIST work, and specialized imaging techniques used such as RTI and PTM images will be detailed and made available for view.

Scan Image - 3D Scan image(s). Project scan visualizations will be detailed and made available for view.

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