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Peter Mathews and Péter Bíró
Drawings by John Montgomery

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uhaj nd.necklace  /  joya
uht- vi.happen, occur  /  ocurrir, acontecer
uhtiy vi.it already happened  /  ya occurió  
ujelew vt.he/she chnages(ed) it  /  el/ella lo cambia(ó)
ujoyow vt.he/she/it encircles/d it  /  el/ella/lo le envuelve/envolvió
ukab'aj vtd.he/she has made it happen  /  el/ella lo ha hecho de pasar
ukob'ow vt.he/she copulates/engenders(ed) it  /  el/ella lo engendra(ó)
ukul nd.abundance of ? (uk)  /  abundancia de ? (uk)
ukum n.dove, pigeon  /  paloma
uk'- vt.drink  /  beber
uk'alaj vtd.he/she has wrapped it  /  el/ella lo ha enrollado
uk'alaw vt.he/she ties(ed) it  /  el/ella lo ata(ó)
uk'es nd.trompet-shell  /  trompeta de caracol
uk'ib' n.drinking vessel  /  copa para beber
uk'un ap.got drunk  /  beberse

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