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Peter Mathews and Péter Bíró
Drawings by John Montgomery

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kab'al adj.low  /  terrestre  
koj- vi.finish?  /  terminar?
kok n.trogon, (small) turtle  /  tortugua pequeña
k'utz n.tobacco  /  tabaco
-k'ux- vt.torture, hurt, eat, grind  /  torturar, dañar, comer, moler
lum n.earth  /  tierra
-mak- vt.cover, close  /  tapar, cerrar
maknom nd.closer, coverer  /  tapador
mas n.goblin, dwarf  /  trasgo, duende
masul n.toponym in the Northeast Peten area (Naachtun?)  /  topónimo en el área del Petén noreste (¿Naachtun?)
muknal nc.tomb, burial place  /  tumba
ox num.three  /  tres  
pat n.hat  /  tocado
patan n.tribute, work  /  tributo, cargo  
peten nd.land, island  /  tierra, isla

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