Yaxchilán, Lintel 24 - K2887 ©Justin Kerr - Click to view high resolution MAYA HIEROGLYPH DICTIONARY
Peter Mathews and Péter Bíró
Drawings by John Montgomery

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woloy mp.got wrapped  /  envolverse
xuk n.corner  /  esquina
yaktajiy vtd.he/she has already left it  /  el/ella ya lo ha dejado
yak'aw vt.he/she gives/gave it  /  el/ella lo da/dio
yalaj pa.he/she/it is/was thrown down  /  el/ella/lo es/fue tirado(a)
yaljiy vtd.he/she has already said it  /  el/ella ya lo ha dicho
yatij vtd.he/she has bathed it  /  el/ella lo ha dado un baño
yilaj vtd.he/she has seen it  /  el/ella lo ha visto  
yiliw vt.he/she see/saw it  /  el/ella lo ve/vio
yitajiy vtd.he/she has already accompanied it  /  el/ella ya lo ha acompañado
yuklaj vp.he/she/it shakes/ed  /  el/ella/lo sacude/ó
yuk'uj vtd.he/she has drunk it  /  el/ella lo ha bebido
yuxulij vtd.he/she has carved it  /  el/ella lo ha esculpido
yuxuluj vtd.he/she has carved it  /  el/ella lo ha grabado
yV- pre.he, she, it, they, his, hers, its, their (prevocalic)  /  el, ella, ello, ellos, ellas, su, suyo, suya (ante vocal)

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