Yaxchilán, Lintel 24 - K2887 ©Justin Kerr - Click to view high resolution MAYA HIEROGLYPH DICTIONARY
Peter Mathews and Péter Bíró
Drawings by John Montgomery

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utapaw vt.he/she/it adornes/adorned it  /  el/ella/ello lo adorna/ó
utimiw vt.he/she/it appeases/ed it  /  el/ella/ello lo apacigua/ó
utom vi.it will happen  /  lo pasará
utup n.his/her/its earflare  /  su orejera
utus nd.face  /  cara
utz adj.good  /  bueno
utzakaw vt.he/she/it conjures/ed it  /  el/ella/ello lo conjura/ó
utzil nd.goodness  /  bondad
utzutzuw vt.he/she/it terminates/ed it  /  el/ella/ello lo termina/ó
utz'akb'uj vtd.he/she has ordered it  /  el/ella lo ha mandado
utz'apaw vt.he/she plants/planted it  /  el/ella lo planta/ó
uwe'jiy vtd.he/she has already eaten it  /  el/ella ya lo ha comido
ux num.three
Ux Lut K'uh n.Ux Lut K'uh (epithet of the Palenque Triad)  /  Ux Lut K'uh (epíteto de la Tríada de Palenque)
Ux Witik n.Ux Witik (Copan toponym)  /  Ux Witik (topónimo de Copan)

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