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Peter Mathews and Péter Bíró
Drawings by John Montgomery

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til- vi.burn  /  arder  
-til- vt.untie  /  desatar
til n.tapir  /  danta  
tilom nd.burner, he/she who burns  /  quemador, el/ella que quema
tilwa/tilwi ap.it got burned  /  se lo quemó
-tim- vt.appease  /  apaciguar
timaj pa.he/she/it is/was appeased  /  el/ella/ello es/fue apaciguado(a)
tis n.fart, body liquid  /  ventosidad, pedo
ti' n.mouth, opening, edge  /  boca, abertura, borde  
ti' pa' nc.river-sore  /  orilla (de rio)
ti' sak hun ncom.speaker of the white crown? (elite title)  /  ¿orador de la corona blanca? (titulo elite)
ti'is nd.mouth  /  boca
to syl.syllabic sign  /  signo sillábico
-toj- vt.pay  /  pagar
tojol n.price, payment, tribute  /  precio, pago, tributo

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