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Peter Mathews and Péter Bíró
Drawings by John Montgomery

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-tz'akb'u- vtd.to put into order, succeed  /  poner en orden, suceder
tz'akb'ul nd.successor  /  sucesor  
tz'am n.throne  /  trono
-tz'an?- vt.destroy  /  destruir
-tz'ap- vt.drive into ground, plant, erect, stack  /  hincar, clavar
tz'apaj pa.he/she/it is/was planted  /  el/ella/lo es/fue plantado(a)
tz'apVl nd.planting  /  plantaci√≥n
-tz'a'- vt.give  /  dar
tz'i syl.syllabic sign  /  signo sill√°bico  
tz'ib' n.writing, painting  /  escritura, pintura
-tz'ib'a- vtd.write, paint  /  escribir, pintar
tz'ib'al n.painting, colour  /  dibujo, color
tz'ib'najal nc.writing, painting  /  escritura, pintura
tz'ik n.clay  /  barro
tz'i' n.dog  /  perro  

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