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Monday, November 24, 2014 CE is
Long Count:
0Julian Date:  November 11, 2014 CE
Calendar Round:  5 Ak'bal 16 Kej
Year Bearer:  3 Manik'
Lord of Night:    G1
13 Bak'tunbaktun glyphkatun glyph0 K'atun
1 Tuntun glyphwinal glyph17 Winal
3 K'inkin glyph5 Ak'bal
  G116 Kej

Direction: Och K'in - West (Oeste)
Color: Ek' - Black (Negro)

819 day count: (472) 1 Chuwen 9 Yaxk'in

Julian Day #: 2,456,986
Maya Day #: 1,872,703
Lunar Age: 2.27 day(s)
Aztec Calendar Round: 5 Calli 16 Tlacaxipehualiztli
Mixtec Calendar Round: 5 Cuau (House) 16 Rabbit

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