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Peter Mathews
Santa Elena Poco Uinic
Santa Elena Poco Uinic is a remote site and one that few people have visited. It is located in the canyon region of Chiapas, about half-way between Tonina and Chinkultic. The site has one of the most spectacular settings of any in the Maya area. It is situated on a relatively flat area of land flanked on three sides by steep drop-offs: to the northeast the land falls abruptly away, offering a view of the Tzaconeja and upper Jatate rivers in the distance far below. To the west an impressive mountain, Naj-Chac, looms over the site.

Santa Elena Poco Uinic was first brought to public attention in 1928, after a Mexican archaeological expedition spent several days at the site in the summer of 1926 (Palacios 1928: 109-140). Frans Blom visited the site in 1928 (Basauri 1928), but I am not aware of any sudden tourist rush since then. I visited Santa Elena Poco Uinic for a few hours in 1980, and found the monuments where Palacios and Blom had left them.

A weathered emblem glyph on Stela 3 indicates that Santa Elena Poco Uinic might have been the capital of a small kingdom late in the Classic Period. Santa Elena Poco Uinic shows similarities in stone masonry and style of monuments with Chinkultic and Tenam Puente, and I suspect that it had stronger affiliations with those sites to the south and southwest rather than with Tonina to the northwest.

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