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Akul Mo' Nab' II    An early king of Palenque (born AD 523, ruled AD 565-570)PAL 006
Akul Mo' Nab' II was born in AD 523 and acceded to the throne of Palenque in AD 565, just 85 days after the death of K'an Joy Chitam I. By this date he was over 41, and he was not destined to rule for many years: he died in AD 570 after a reign of just over five years, and a couple of months short of his 47th birthday. Akul Mo' Nab' II's brief reign did not include a k'atun-ending date, and so the main period-ending date that he is recorded as having celebrated was the 13-tun date (AD 567). This event, and his birth, accession, and death dates, are the only records we have of Akul Mo' Nab' II.

The Tablet of the Cross states that Akul Mo' Nab' II was the grandson of Akul Mo' Nab' I. The various references to Akul Mo' Nab' II include several different names for him, including, apparently, a child name recorded in the Temple of the Cross. Additional names that are part of his royal name might have been included in order to distinguish him from his grandfather.

PAL: TC, Tablet of the Cross: T5
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