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Peter Mathews
Janab' Pakal "the Elder"    A powerful Palenque lord and member of the royal family (died AD 612)PAL 021

Also Known As
Personaje W1Berlin 1959
Pacal (I)Lounsbury 1974; Greene Robertson et al. 1976; Greene Robertson 1983; Kelley 1985; Schele and Freidel 1990
Hanab-Pakal IMathews 1991; Schele and Mathews 1993; Schele and Mathews 1998
Janaab' PakalMartin and Grube 2000
Hanab PakalBernal Romero 2000

Other Names and Titles
exts 2 and 4 contain only the name Janab' Pakal "the Elder". Text 3 records him with the Palenque emblem glyph, and it is possible that Text 1 did too—that text ends with a now broken-off glyph.

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