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Peter Mathews
Wak Kimi Janab' Pakal III    The last known king of Palenque (ruled AD 799-?)PAL 018

Also Known As
6 Cimi-PacalGreene Robertson 1985; Schele 1986a
6-Kimi-Hanab-PakalSchele and Mathews 1993

Other Names and Titles
There are six glyphs in the only surviving reference to Wak Kimi Janab' Pakal III. The last three comprise his formal name. The first of the accompanying titles is one that reads Chan Ch'oktak, 'Four Princes' (the surviving number is '2', but the original number was probably '4'; the compound is a title known from other sites). The second title reads "9 star-wars", and the third reads simply ka-b'a, kab', 'earth'. This may be a separate title (if so I believe it is unique), or it may just possibly be a phonetic spelling of the final part of the "star war" glyph. It should be noted that all of these titles are rare, and that Wak Kimi Janab' Pakal III contains in his name phrase none of the titles that commonly occur in the name phrases of earlier Palenque kings.

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