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Peter Mathews
K'inich Kan B'alam II    King of Palenque (born AD 635, ruled AD 684-702)PAL 012

Also Known As
Lord Chan-BahlumMathews and Schele 1974
Chan-BahlumGreene Robertson et al. 1976; Greene Robertson 1983; Coe 1992
Jaguar-SerpienteBerlin 1977
Mah K'ina Chan-BahlumSchele 1978, 1980
Chan-Bahlum IISchele 1983, 1986, 1986a; Greene Robertson 1985; Schele and Freidel 1990
Chan Bahlum IIKelley 1985; Bassie-Sweet 1991, 1996
Mah K'ina Kan-BalamSchele 1992
Chan Bahlumde la Garza 1992
Snake JaguarMarcus 1992
Kan-Balam IISchele and Mathews 1993
Kan BalamCoe and Kerr 1997; González Cruz and Bernal Romero 2000
K'an BalamMiller 1999
Kan Balam IIDrew 1999; Bernal Romero 2000
Kan-BalamSchele and Mathews 1998
K'inich Kan B'alam IIMartin and Grube 2000
K'inich Kan Bahlam IICoe and Van Stone 2001
K'inich Kan Balam IIGrube, Martin, and Zender 2002
K'inich Kan B'ahlam IIGuenter 2003, 2003b
Kan BahlamMartin 2003; Miller and Martin 2004

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