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Janab' Pakal "the Elder"    A powerful Palenque lord and member of the royal family (died AD 612)PAL 021

Complete List of Text References
TextSite: Monument: Text ReferenceDate of MonumentDate of PassageCalendar RoundJulian DateEventNamed?Portrayed?Comments
1PAL:  Group IV: Stone Incensario:  A8b-A9 9.11.    2.    4.19 9.    8.14.17.    5  8  Chikchan   13  Sotz'20 May 608Inauguration of subordinateY- 1
2PAL:  Group IV: Stone Incensario:  D8b 9.11.    2.    4.19 9.  8  Ix                 12  Muwan25 Dec 610Inauguration of subordinateY- 1,2
3PAL:  TI, Sarc. Lid Edge:  40-41 9.12.11.    5.18 9.  3  Chuwen       4  wayeb’  6 Mar 612DeathY-
4PAL:  TI, Sarc. Sides:  West 1 9.12.11.    5.18 -- --Ancestral portraitYY3
  1 The subject of these texts must be Janab' Pakal "the Elder" rather than K'inich Janab' Pakal I, who was a young boy and not yet king on the dates in question.
  2 The next passage in the Stone Incensario of Group IV dates to three days later, on 11 Kab'an 15 Muwan (28 December, AD 610). The event seems to be the burial of the king of Santa Elena. Almost certainly, Janab' Pakal "the Elder" was the instigator of an attack that led to his death, and which very likely triggered a disastrous attack on Palenque by Calakmul a few months later.
  3 A "Janab' Pakal" is also named (and portrayed) on Pier E of House C and Pier F of House D of the Palace—but these are most likely references to K'inich Janab' Pakal I.

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