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Peter Mathews
"Casper II"    An early king of Palenque (born AD 422, ruled AD 435-ca. 487)PAL 002

Complete List of Text References
TextSite: Monument: Text ReferenceDate of MonumentDate of PassageCalendar RoundJulian DateEventNamed?Portrayed?Comments
1PAL:  T.Cross, Tab Cross:  Q11 9.12.18.  5.19  ? 8.19.  6.  8.  811  Lamat           6  Xul  8 Aug 422BirthY-
2PAL:  T.Cross, Tab Cross:  Q13 9.12.18.  5.19  ? 8.19.  6.  8.  811  Lamat           6  Xul  8 Aug 422BirthY-
3PAL:  T.Cross, Tab Cross:  Q16 9.12.18.  5.19  ?  2  Kab'an       10  Xul  9 Aug 435AccessionY-
4PAL:  T.Cross, Tab Cross:  S2 9.12.18.  5.19  ? 9.  0.  0.  0.  0  8  Ajaw           13  Keh10 Dec 435Period-ending-- 1
5PAL:  Grp.XVI, K'an Tok Tab.:  D1  4 9.  0.  9.  5.  9  3  Muluk         17  Muwan  9 Feb 445Inauguration of SubordinateY?- 2
6PAL:  Grp.XVI, K'an Tok Tab.:  C6b-D6  4 9.  1.  5.  5.11  6  Chuwen     19  Sak19 Nov 460Inauguration of SubordinateY-
7COL:  Washington, Alabaster Vase:  B-D ?? -- --His drinking cupYY3
8YAX:  L. 18:  A5-B5 ?? -- --??Y?- 4,5
  1 Only the Toktan toponym is present in this passage. This apparently indicates that the period-ending celebration took place at the place called Toktan. The name "Casper I" is not present in the passage, but he was the ruler of Palenque at the time.
  2 "Casper's" name does not survive, but the date and the pattern of the text of the K'an Tok Tablet indicates that he should have been named at D1. Glyph C2 is in fact the K'uhul Toktan Ajaw emblem glyph.
  3 David Stuart was the first to identify this text as a reference to "Casper". The object is the drinking vessel of "Casper II".
  4 There is also a possible reference to "Casper II" at Yaxchilan, where Lintel 18 records a name very similar to his, followed by a glyph reading b'a-ku, B'ak, the name of the Palenque kingdom; this was first suggested by Werner Nahm and Nikolai Grube in 1992. I believe that this identification as "Casper II" of Palenque is quite unlikely.
  5 There is another possible reference to "Casper II" on the Throne Back of Temple XXI, in which K'inich Janab' Pakal I is said to be "the image of 'Casper'" (the name glyph "Casper" also appears prominently attached to the front of the headband of K'inich Janab' Pakal I in the accompanying scene). However it is much more likely that these are references to "Casper I", and accordingly I list them under his entry in the Who's Who.

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