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Peter Mathews
Janab' Pakal "the Elder"    A powerful Palenque lord and member of the royal family (died AD 612)PAL 021

The precise position of Janab' Pakal "the Elder" in the royal genealogy of Palenque is not certain. He did not accede to the throne, and he is not named in any parentage or other relationship statements. However the fact that he was the namesake of the great king K'inich Janab' Pakal I, combined with his portrait and death statement on the Temple of the Inscriptions Sarcophagus, strongly imply that he was a member of the royal family. There are two most likely alternatives for his placement within the royal genealogy (both can have minor variations). In the first he is the son of Ix Yol Ik'nal and the younger brother of Ajen Yol Mat (whom he predeceased by a few months and thus did not inherit the throne). In the second reconstruction, Janab' Pakal I was the husband of Ix Yol Ik'nal and the father of Ajen Yol Mat. In both scenarios he was the maternal grandfather of K'inich Janab' Pakal I, through his likely daughter Ix Sak K'uk'. I personally prefer the first of these, but the generational spacing is probably slightly in favour of the second.

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