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Peter Mathews
Wak Kimi Janab' Pakal III    The last known king of Palenque (ruled AD 799-?)PAL 018

The genealogy of Wak Kimi Janab' Pakal III is unknown. If he was indeed a king in the royal line of Palenque, we can speculate as to his place in the royal genealogy. Admittedly, there are few recorded details concerning the family relationships of the later Palenque kings. The only one we know of for sure was that K'inich K'uk' B'alam II was the son of K'inich Akul Mo' Nab' III and his wife Ix "Men" Ajaw. This means that the two kings (probably) who ruled between K'inich K'uk' B'alam II and K'inich Akul Mo' Nab' III were almost certainly sons of the latter. If either of them had produced sons, presumably they would have succeeded before K'inich K'uk' B'alam II.

Wak Kimi Janab' Pakal III acceded in AD 799. If he was an adult by that date, we can calculate his birth at some time before AD 775 or so. We know that K'inich Akul Mo' Nab' III was born in AD 678, and so we can reconstruct that Wak Kimi Janab' Pakal III was three or four generations after him. I tentatively propose the genealogy presented below. I have speculated that Wak Kimi Janab' Pakal III was the grandson of U Pakal K'inich Janab' Pakal II, for the pattern of naming grandsons after their grandfathers is a well attested one among the Classic Maya, but it is also possible that he could have been a grandson of K'inich K'uk' B'alam II.

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