Link to enlarge Masculine head from Palenque Chiapas from photo by Michel Zabé WHO'S WHO IN THE CLASSIC MAYA WORLD
Peter Mathews
K'inich Janab' Pakal I    Palenque's greatest king (born AD 603, ruled AD 615-683)PAL 011

Apart from the fact that K'inich Janab' Pakal I's royal claims seem to have stemmed from his mother, rather than his father, his place in Palenque's royal genealogy is fairly straightforward. The major question concerns his grandparentage, in particular his relationship with his earlier namesake Janab' Pakal "the Elder" and Ajen Yol Mat and Ix Yol Ik'nal. With his wife Ix Tz'akb'u Ajaw, K'inich Janab' Pakal I fathered his two immediate successors, K'inich Kan B'alam II and K'inich K'an Joy Chitam II. The later kings of Palenque derived from K'inich Janab' Pakal I through a third son, B'atz' Chan Mat. In addition, we are told that Janab' Ajaw was a grandson of K'inich Janab' Pakal I. Since Janab' Ajaw never ruled, it is likely that he was the son of a daughter of the great king.

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