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Peter Mathews
Ajen Yol Mat    An early Palenque king (ruled AD 605-613)PAL 009

There are several possibilities for Ajen Yol Mat's place in Palenque's royal genealogy (see also Palenque's Royal Genealogy). Depending on which proposal is favoured, he was either the son or the grandson of Ix Yol Ik'nal, and the uncle, son, or older brother of Ix Sak K'uk'. This in term would make him either the great-uncle, brother, or uncle of the great king K'inich Janab' Pakal I.

1. The 'traditional' view.

2. The view of Karen Bassie-Sweet (1991:206, 241-249; 1998:216-217).

3. Peter Mathews Proposal 1.

4. Peter Mathews Proposal 2.

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