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Peter Mathews
Ix Yol Ik'nal    An early ruler, a queen, of Palenque (ruled AD 583-604)PAL 008

Unfortunately, Ix Yol Ik'nal's birth date has not survived, and as a result with her we enter a period in Palenque's history where the royal genealogy is open to differing interpretations. Most likely she was the daughter of the preceding ruler Kan B'alam I, but she could possibly have been his sister, or even the daughter of Akul Mo' Nab' II. Janab' Pakal "the Elder" has variously been proposed as Ix Yol Ik'nal's son or husband.

Similarly, the situation of the generation following Ix Yol Ik'nal is confused. Ajen Yol Mat, Ix Sak K'uk', and Janab' Pakal "the Elder" have all been proposed as her children in different reconstructions, with the further implications that the great ruler K'inich Janab' Pakal I was either her great-grandson or her grandson.

1. The 'traditional' view.

2. The view of Karen Bassie-Sweet (1991:206, 241-249; 1998:216-217).

3. Peter Mathews Proposal 1.

4. Peter Mathews Proposal 2.

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