Link to enlarge Masculine head from Palenque Chiapas after Michel Zabé WHO'S WHO IN THE CLASSIC MAYA WORLD
Peter Mathews
Akul Mo' Nab' I    An early king of Palenque (born AD 465, ruled AD 501-524)PAL 004
Buildings Commissioned:
Tomb 3 under Temple XVIII-A-sub at Palenque is probably that of Akul Mo' Nab' I (see Schele 1986a:113-117). This is in spite of the fact that the occupant of that tomb was ascribed the age of 19 (Ruz Lhuillier 1962:70), whereas Akul Mo' Nab' I died at the age of 59. I believe that a question mark hangs over the age estimation of the skeleton (similar to the debate over the age of the occupant of the tomb below the Temple of the Inscriptions). If the Temple XVIII-A-sub tomb is that of Akul Mo' Nab' I, it is likely that it was he who commissioned Temple XVIII-A-sub as his funerary temple.

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