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Site:  Yaxchilan
Schele Number:  6218
Description:  Temple Side image, Stela 11 depicting Bird Jaguar standing inside a corbeled arch frame, his captives squeezed under the lintel in front of him and bound together like those of the Kimbell panel. Bird Jaguar is dressed as Chac-Xib-Chac and holds our God K with his left hand, as if the god were his ax.
Hieroglyph:  Yes 
Architectural Feature:  Stela
Chronological Era:  Late Classic
Notes:  A.D. 755
Culture:  Maya
Publications:  L. Schele and M. Miller, The Blood of Kings: Dynasty and Ritual in Maya Art 1986:214, Fig. V.5a
L. Schele And D. Freidel, A Forest Of Kings: The Untold Story Of The Ancient Maya 1990:86, Fig. 2:12; 284, Fig. 7:8
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