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Copán, Naranjo, Palenque, Piedras Negras, Tikal, Yaxchilán
Classic Maya Place Name Database Project, Mesoamerica (2007)
Tokovinine, Alexandre     ( in English,  en Español )

Iximché, La Vergona, La Vega, Machaquila, Verapaz, San Vicente, Holmul, Kaminaljuyú, Naranjo, Tikal
Symposium of Archaeological Investigations in Guatemala, 2004 (2009)
de Hazard, Olga     ( in English,  en Español )

La Venta, Teotihuacán, Tikal, Tenochtitlán
Course of Lectures, Ancient Mesoamerica, Russia (2000)
Tabarev, Andrei V.     ( in English,  en Español )

Motul de San José, Rio Azul, Buenavista, Tikal, Waxactún, Chamá, Calakmul
Publication: Painting the Maya Universe: Royal Ceramics of the Classic Period (2003)
Mezzatesta, Michael P.     ( in English,  en Español )

Naranjo, Tikal, Uaxactún, Motul de San José, Calakmul
The Primary Standard Sequence: Database Compilation, Grammatical Analysis, and Primary Documentation (2004)
Mora-Marín, David F.     ( in English,  en Español )

Palenque, Tikal, Waxactun, and Copán
Identifying Individual Hands in the Monuments of K'inich Ahkal Mo' Naab of Palenque (2001)
Van Stone, Mark     ( in English,  en Español )

San José, Tikal, Waxactún
Itzaj Maya Documentation (2000)
Hofling, Charles Andrew     ( in English,  en Español )

Tikal Digital Access Project (2003)
Aponte , Sharon      ( in English,  en Español )

Ancient Maya Plant Use Activities and Agroforestry at Tikal, Guatemala (2006)
Lentz, David L.     ( in English,  en Español )

Surviving in the Rainforest: The Realities of Looting in the Rural Villages of El Petén, Guatemala (1999)
Paredes Maury, Sofia     ( in English,  en Español )

The Inhabitants of Tikal: A Bioarchaeological Pilot Project (2002)
Wright, Lori E.     ( in English,  en Español )

Tikal, Uaxactún, Copán, Mayapán, Kaminaljuyú, Piedras Negras, Palenque, Ceibal, Chichén Itzá, Dos Pilas
Edwin M. Shook Archival Collection, Guatemala City, Guatemala (2004)
Arroyo, Barbara & Luisa Escobar     ( in English,  en Español )


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