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Site:  Nasca
Clados Number:  181
Culture:  Nasca
Description:  cup bowl, C-33044, M.N.A.A.H.-Lima.
Chronological Era:  Early Intermediate Period (EIP), Nasca 5 Phase.
Iconographic Features:  One of the most outstanding representations of the Masked Mythical Being (Anthropomorphic Mythical Being) showing a wide range of colours. It is depicted with feline head, snake body (signifer), and human torso with legs. The snake body is spiked along its border, with trophy heads between its projections. End of the signifer in the shape of a human/feline head (with headband). The Masked Mythical Being holds a bloody club and a trophy head. Tunic shows “eye motif”. One of a pair of cup bowls.

Rollout © 2003 Christiane Clados

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