Museum Details

Name:Princeton University Library
Street Address:1 Washington Rd
State:New Jersey
Country:United States
Staff Contacts:Libr: Karin Trainer 609-258-3170; Dept of Rare Books and Special Collections: 609-258-3184 fax 609-258-2324; Asst U.L. (Rare Books & Spec Coll) & Cur (Rare Books): Stephen Ferguson 609-258-3165; Cur (Manuscripts): Don C. Skemer 609-258-3184
Quality of Online Info:Excellent: Detailed staff directory, Comprehensive overview of departments, divisions, and collections
Focus:DEPARTMENT OF RARE BOOKS AND SPECIAL COLLECTIONS: MANUSCRIPT DIVISION: Pre-Columbian Stamp Seals and Roller Seals Collection: includes 147 pre-Columbian clay stamp seals, roller seals, and flat seals with handles; Non-Western Manuscripts Collection: includes 3 collections of Manuscripts: the Robert Garrett Collection, made up of the Garrett-Gates Mesoamerican Manuscript Collection and the Garrett Collection of Mesoamerican Manuscripts, and thirdly, the Princeton Collection of Mesoamerican Manuscripts.
Source:Grube, Nikolai, ed. Maya: Divine Kings of the Rain Forest. Cologne: Konemann, 2000. 455.