Museum Details

Name:Peabody Museum, Yale University
Street Address:170 Whitney Av, PO Box 208118
City:New Haven
Country:United States
Staff Contacts:Dir: Michael J. Donoghue: 203-432-3752 fax 203-432-9816; Coll and Oper/Asst Dir: Tim White 203-432-3767 fax 203-432-9816 or; Curators (Anth): Frank Hole 203-432-3679, Richard Burger 203-432-6517, Andrew Hill 203-432-3679; Asst Cur (Anth): Marcello A. Canuto 203-432-6610; Curators Emeritus (Anth): Michael Coe 203-432-3770, Harold Conklin 203-432-3667, Leopold Pospisil 203-432-3771, Irving Rouse 203-432-3690
Quality of Online Info:Excellent: Detailed staff and collections information; Online catalogue includes images and descriptions of artifacts.
Focus:Wray gift of polychrome ceramics and other objects; Online catalogue: ritual objects, vases, Jaina figurines, and stucco
Source:Grube, Nikolai, ed. Maya: Divine Kings of the Rain Forest. Cologne: Konemann, 2000. 455. Schulze, Marco and Boris Eggers, eds. Museums of the World. 11th Rev. and Enl. ed. Volume 2. Handbook of International Documentation and Information Series. Volume 16. Muchen: K.G. Saur, 2004. 773. U of Utah Libraries.