Museum Details

Name:M.H. de Young Memorial Museum, Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
Street Address:75 Tea Garden Dr, Golden Gate Park
City:San Francisco
Country:United States
Telephone:415-682-2481; 415-750-3600
Staff Contacts:Dir: Harry Parker; Cur (Africa, Oceania, and American): Kathleen Berrin
Quality of Online Info:Detailed list of objects in the Art of Americas collection; Online collection
Focus:Museum closed until October 15, 2005; Collection includes 8th century Lowland Maya stela; Early classic Maya ceramic vases and figurines
Source:Grube, Nikolai, ed. Maya: Divine Kings of the Rain Forest. Cologne: Konemann, 2000. 455. Schulze, Marco and Boris Eggers, eds. Museums of the World. 11th Rev. and Enl. ed. Volume 2. Handbook of International Documentation and Information Series. Volume 16. Muchen: K.G. Saur, 2004. 802. U of Utah Libraries.