Museum Details

Name:The British Museum, The Mexican Gallery
Street Address:Great Russel St
Country:Great Britain
Zipcode:WC1B 3DG
Telephone:44-020-7-323-8000 44-020-7-323-8299
Staff Contacts:Dir: Neil MacGregor; Cur (Ethn): J. Mack; Dept of Ethn: 020-7-323-8041,
Quality of Online Info:Site map; Information on cultures and departments; General Department Contact
Focus:Carved lintels, stone sculpture, ornament, jades, vases, pectorals; Objects from Alfred Maudslay: 8 door lintels from Yaxchilan and 9 sculptures from Copan; Objects from Thomas Gann; stelae from Belize; Highlights: Yaxchilan lintels 15-17, 24, 25, 35, 41; and Late Classic artifacts: stone bust of Maize God, stone head from Copan, Spondylus ornament and jade plaques
Source:Grube, Nikolai, ed. Maya: Divine Kings of the Rain Forest. Cologne: Konemann, 2000. 452, 453. Schulze, Marco and Boris Eggers, eds. Museums of the World. 11th Rev. and Enl. ed. Volume 2. Handbook of International Documentation and Information Series. Volume 16. Muchen: K.G. Saur, 2004. 661. U of Utah Libraries.